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Unofficial Online Tournament *Prize*

By Nickinfinity February 05, 2014, 16:55:25

Hello my fellow Krosmoz explorers. This upcoming weekend, the weekend of February 8th, and maybe into the 9th as well, I will be holding an online tournament with the prize of a Nox code. Now there are some rules, limits and stipulations.

The rules and limits are very straight forward: No figures higher than level 3 allowed. Only level 1, 2 and 3 figures are allowed to make up your teams.

Now, for the stipulation. Sadly, people lie, and can lie about winning. However, we live in a world of technology, and to counter that fact, the tournament will be take place over video chatting on Google Hangouts. Japanime Games has held Hangouts where people have played games and screen shared so others could enjoy watching the matches. This will be done the same way, so we can witness the matches. The actual time of the start is a bit open, and will be decided on a bit later, and also depends on our number of participants.

So please, comment here to sign up.

Disclaimer: If I don't get more than 6 people signed up this time around, the tournament won't happen this weekend, and I will probably try again for next.

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