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Lived Near Toledo, OH ---- Creating a Play Group

By Monoxide#1192 January 11, 2014, 06:18:49

Working on making a play group, the stores we currently play at is checkmate games and hobby town usa, we have 4 players currently we want to grow, contact me here or on my kik account Monoxide419.

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I live in ypsilanti MI. looking for a group around here but willing to drive down there if there is a big enough group to play with.

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we are getting the dark heroes prerelease kit and i will email you when we are doing events in toledo. we have a community of krosmaster player of about 12 players

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Hey.. So I have a play group for about 4-6 people in the Cleveland, OH area that are looking to grow. We go to Recess Games in North Olmsted OH to play. We should merge if we can.

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