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LF Players in Melbourne, Australia

By joffreybieber#2750 November 04, 2015, 21:36:55

As per the title - I just picked this up at Pax and I've had no luck hunting down a regular group that plays yet.

Anyone keen to jam some games?

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I picked up some figures at PAX and have been playing online. I'd like to get into the tabletop as well.

I think Neko Cards and Games Laboratory might do things from what I was looking into earlier.

games laboratory krosmaster FB page

neko cards website

I believe Neko Cards are the store front for Oz Animart which is the local distributor for the game.

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You're a star - I've been trying to find other players in Melbourne with no luck. Doesn't look like Neko is doing much actual gaming anymore, but if GL has some regular/semi-regular stuff, that'd be super.

I'm eastern suburbs and would definitely be keen to jam games.

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My friend from Adelaide and I picked it up at PAX too but I cant play with him cuz hes in SA and im in Melbourne -___- i want to hunt down a few more characters cuz damn it theyre cool

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