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[NYC] Looking for gaming group

By May 15, 2015, 16:21:04

Looking for a regular gaming group, for a one-night gaming session, or for a retailer where you could meet regularly and play.

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I am in NYC (Brooklyn) and am looking to finally get some Krosmaster games going. Have you found a a gaming group yet?

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No luck so far, you'd think with such a huge population in NYC there would be more people playing. Maybe there is but they don't use the website?

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I live in Jersey just outside Manhattan.

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Same as JSkul. I live in Jersey City, just across from NYC. Play online mostly so far...I'm not that great. I remember starting to play this before they even came out with the table-top version, was an in-game feature inside dofus and wakfu. Anyway, I don't think I'll be getting the table top version since I i have no friends that are even remotely into games like these lol. However, if you all get a group together and need players I'd be happy to attend and play.

dcandelario at

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