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[Austin, TX] Organized play nights coming soon!

By LokiTricksterGd April 13, 2015, 19:05:51

With the approach of season 3 upon us, I am working currently with one of our local gaming shops to getting some time every week to gather and play the heck out of Krosmaster!

If you are in the Central Texas area and are interested in Krosmaster Arena either to play or to learn, you are most welcome and highly encouraged to come out once we get the schedule set! I am also going to eventually, once up and running, also have the events streamed from the store live!

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wheres the store?

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We currently have weekly meet-ups and open play hosted at Mothership Books and Games every Saturday at 6pm(CST). Come stop by and get involved, once the player-base out here starts to grow we can start running organized play and even tournaments.

Come support the game you love!

And if you use Facebook, we've created a FB group for communicating and organizing even further.

[ATX Krosmaster FB group](Click here)

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