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[Helsinki, Finland] Looking for playing buddies!

By Ninzorian May 07, 2014, 14:26:01

Wondering if there is anyone playing Krosmaster in Finland central area. To have friends already in the know of the game would be awesome since I have just started and would learn to teach the game to my other friends if at first knew how to play well enough myself.

Also; if there are assembled players, we could get ourselves enrolled with japanime games as tutors to many kinds of conventions around finland, have tournaments in local game shops and get some more of the figurines on their shelves.
But for first and foremost, I would just want to play the game once in a while. :,C

I'm looking out for replies to this thread and you can contact me with PM too.

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Have you had any luck?

I once asked about Krosmaster tournaments from Fantasiapelit, but they doubted that the game has enough players Finland worth organizing such event...

I would come. And maybe a friend of mine.

I am living 66.6 km north of Helsinki. And visiting the capital if not weekly at least bi-monthly.

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Hi -J-A-N- , sorry I'm replying suuper late! If you happen to be around Helsinki at some point we could play a game or two! I could arrange the boardgame, you'd just need to bring them figurines.

You wouldn't be interested in making a purchase together from the japanime games? they have got this halloween sale and the postage is really expensive if I'm buying stuff alone. :>

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