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How to use this section

By [Dewit] - ANKAMA - December 20, 2013, 16:30:36
In order to prevent the section to become a complete mess, here are a few tricks for the better use of this forum:

  • Always name your topic with your area [between brackets] first. This way, anyone can find at a glance which part of the world you're talking about. Example: "[Chicago, Illinois] Looking for a gaming group".
  • Be clear on what you're looking for. Simply asking for a game or a player might not be specific enough to get you any useful information. So be precise on your demands: are you looking for a regular gaming group, for a one-night gaming session, for a retailer where you could meet regularly and play?
  • Don't give your personal data on a public space. Anyone could read it. For security reasons, do not give your personal phone number, e-mail address, or residence address directly on the topic. You may use your Ankabox to communicate your data to someone you want to play with, but never leave it in the clear where anyone can see it. Better safe than sorry.

I wish you good luck on your quest to find new game partners! smile