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Need Kanniball Andchain and exclusives

By September 29, 2016, 01:32:18
Looking for:
Kanniball Andchain
Qilby Traitor
Yugo - Young King
Adamai - Dragon
Dark Vlad - Karnated
Yugo - Unleashed
Joris - Master
Grougaloragran - Old
Grampy - Shopkeeper
Darki Moon

I'm willing to trade or buy for a reasonable price. I am located in Californa, US

I have the following that I can trade: (all with codes and NEW)
Minotoror - gold base
Kanniball Thierry
Moon - gold base
Otomai - gold base

Kanniball Jav - gold base
Kanniball Archer - gold base
Kanniball Sarbak - gold base

Dragostess - gold base
Drgossiper the Nag - gold base
Dreggoog the Downunder - gold base

Dargossiper the Nag
Dreggoog the Downunder
Kanniball Sarbak
Kanniball Archer

Season 1: (no online codes)
Anna Tommy
Bad Aboum
Bill Tell
Kassius Kaos
Lil Healey
Oscar Kass

Season 2:
Moe Lawr w/ online code
Elogio w/ online code

Dark Heroes Set (Vampyro, Dark Vlad, Kriss la Krass, Djaul, Dark Crow, and Katar)
40x Kama coins

4 translucent green dice
4 translucent yellow dice

4 black dice
4 gold dice
Foil Card Deck

Season 1.5 XL cards 
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