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25+ up for sale and trade

By Nau5tin420#3414 May 30, 2016, 14:38:47
hello i currently have come into possesion of several hand fulls of krosmasterfigures. they are figures from across the first three seasons including promos. none of the figures have been used but i cannot be sure if the same is true for the codes. as the figures were given to me for the collector aspect they had peeked my interest and turns out that there are more i am interested in trading for, i may even try to pick it up after school is over. below is a list of the figures i have along with all other information i can give. i live in ontario canada just north of toronto. please message me for more information and we can discuss a trade or a purchase

Yugo (x2) with code
Amalia(x2) with code
Dragossiper the Nag
Kannibal Archer
Kannibal Jav
Adamai (with the hat)
ira tayte
gein no code
bill tell no code
lil healy no code
anna tommy- no code
elogio-no code
poochan-no code
kitty rage-no code
pandalida-no code
wally sumwerells
diver birel-no code
kat sumi-no code
raul bak-no code
chrissy entirch-no code
bada boom-no code
kassius kaos- no code
Qilby traitor (french card) with english proxy
Adamai dragon with card and code
oscar krass- no code

the lost also includes some punch cards and a handfull of tokens.

figures im interested in trading for
look ylook
darkness night
di curey
boo ming
mike locke
ghett outtader
victor von voom
king nidas
queen of theves
60 metal kama

also if you are interested in buying a bunch or the whole lot we can dscuss that as well.
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