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Help a new player trying to collect

By March 14, 2015, 06:35:59

Hi everyone,

Please excuse this super nub group of questions but I just bought the game at pax last weekend and its very difficult to find good information on how to collect the figures. If you could help answer a few of my questions or point me to a thread or site that has the answers, then I would appreciate it smile
First, do all the promo figures eventually come out in window box sets?
If so how much later do they come than the promos?
Is there a difference between the promo versions and window box set figures?
What's the deal with figures like Dark Vlad - Karnated and the Terminatot guys? They seem much more expensive than others. I would be grateful for this info. I'm a pokemon type of collector and not really sure what I'm getting into yet w/ Krosmaster but it's super cool. Thanks again smile 

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Some of the Season 1 promos have been just released as a box (Brotherhood box). Terminatot and the mount are high because the supply is relatively low...the Vlad Mount was in the very recent Dark Heroes box release event and the Terminatots were Frigost Kickstarter (not a more easily gettable OP kit).

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The Vlad in the Dark Hero Box looked a bit different than the mounted one. Is it simply aesthetics and the figure abilities are the same? Thanks for the reply smile 

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They are the same. Just the top half of him goes on mount. Also the figure abilities are different. More health for mount and total iop power and mount attack.
Go to And you can see specs.

Goulatard barbarian, count frigost; argon gass from season 1 are harder to find but not impossible.

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