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WISDOM - A renowed approach...

By Vragar April 12, 2020, 01:25:23

Hi all!
Today I am going to ask you another impegnative question, on a delicate topic.

There is one power from S2 that is actually usless, but had been a great impact at the times gone by.
We are talking of "Wisdom".

For people who does not know it, Wisdom worked originally in this way:
"If a Krosmaster with the Wisdom Power kills another Krosmaster, the opponent will have to give the player 1 extra GG above the level of the killed Krosmaster.
If a Krosmaster with the Wisdom Power is killed by another Krosmaster, the player will have to give the opponent 1 extra GG above the level of the killed Krosmaster".
So Wisdom was a sort of "All or nothing" powers. Double risk, but double rewards.

Than Wisdom was changed and actually got a slightly different use; the base remained the same, but now it works only with Bosses:
- ... if killed by a Boss...
- ... il kills a Boss...
What is the problem? Eternal and Season has got NO BOSSES! And even in Open the thing should be the same, to maximize the combinations for team-building.
But Wisdom has to be of some impact (at least in Eternal, if not in open)!

There are 3 possible ways to bring back to use Wisdom, and this is where I ask the help of the communities of players. Choose your favorite options, just one (or feel free to add some ideas, if you prefer), and please motivate your choice in the comments to give all readers your opinion.

A- Wisdom turns back to origins; it will work exactly as it was in the beginning. +1GG when kills; +1GG to opponent when killed.

B- Wisdom remains exactly as it is now, restoring the Boss keyword n the cards where it is printed (this will have got effect in team-building too, of course).

C- Wisdom remains as it is now, but works with Elite characters (gold named ones) instead of Bosses (the same will be true for Percedal-Percylax, for extension).

I will not explain here my considerations, but I will be glad to build a constructive discussion with all interested players.

Thanks for your time, and for your help.Mattia.

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Being a first ediition time player (coming back now after 3 years) I'd be comfortable with the A option. However, this clearly overpowers charcters like Kivin, used by many (including me!) at the time. 
Probably option C is more balanced. Option B is confusing, and too impactful, if they say bosses are out, they are out..

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