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Gloomy Grove - Wally Wallop

By Vragar#9823 January 31, 2020, 12:38:49

Hi all.

Another doubt, this time about Wally Wallop profile for Arena.
Wally's power says that he gains +1AP and +1LP max for each Demonic Reward on him, and there is no limit to the number of DR Wally may have.
So... The DR count despite the fact that it is revealed or concealed, that seems fair enough.
The question is about Techniques...

When concealed a Technique uses the slot RD/Level, but when it is revealed the slot returns free.
A revealed Technique, that does not occupy the slot anymore, does still count as "assigned" for Wally's Power?

For example, if Wally got on him: 1 concealed Technique, 2 revelaed Techniques, 1 Familiar, the total DR on him will be 4 (so +4AP and +4LP) or the 2 revealed Techniques are ignored since they do not occupy slots anymore?

Thanks for your support.
Have a nice game, Matt.

EDIT: 04/02/2020
I have got an answer to this question too, and I will share it with the community.

The revealed Techniques count as assigned for the check of Wally Wallop's Power.
Staying on the example written upwards, Wally will have +4AP and +4LP due to all the DR assigned to him... Despite if they are revealed or not.

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