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Gloomy Grove - Arachnoplasm

By Vragar#9823 January 31, 2020, 11:25:50

Hi all.

I have recently see the Krosmaster Arena profiles for the Gloomy Grove miniatures.
I have to say that I really enjoyed the double profiles, letting me play the same piece both on the new Blast and on Arena. Good work here Ankama.

Looking at the Arena profiles, one thing leave me some doubts... I am talking about the Arachnoplasm's Power.
It says: "Ghostly Appeareance: One per turn, the Arachnoplasm may move from one edge of the board to the opposite edge as if the edges were adjacent to each other".
So, doing a practical example, if I am on the third tile from the left on my side and the Arachnoplasm goes "down" it will appear on the third tile from the left on the opponent' side right? Or can the Arachnoplasm appear on any tile of the opposite side?
The logic says that if I walk down from the third tile I will appear again in the third tile of the other side, just like if I have two boards adjacent. Is this right?

Thanks for your support.

Have a nice game, Matt.

EDIT: 04/02/2020
So, I received an answer to my question.
Ghostly Appearance works exactly as if the sides were adjacent. So, remaining on practical, if on the first turn I have my Arachnoplasm in the third tile from the left on my side, and I move "down", I will appear in the third tile from the left on the opponent' side (if the tile is free, obviously).
So theorically I can attack with my Arachnoplasm on the very first turn teleporting it on the opposite side of the board... And that is why the power can be used "once per turn". biggrin

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