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Krosmaster Arena additional figurines in Krosmaster Quest?

By Marcin43111#9800 July 23, 2019, 15:10:53

As in the title, can u use additional figurines from Krosmaster Arena (for ex. from blind boxes) in Krosmaster Quest? Or is this game meant to be played only with included figurines? 

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to what I know you can use any, but it is recommended to use Level 3 Krosmasters in Quest

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You can use all figures coming from the Krosmaster Collection. There is just an adjustment with the starting GG depending by the chosen character's level. You can play with any level you want, even if the game is intended for level 3 characters. Anyway, the real important thing is that all players use almost the same level (+/- 1). Playing with great gap of levels is really unfun.

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