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About map rules

By Kinosaki June 08, 2019, 12:16:15

Excuse me, can anyone tell me the rules of this map?

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The rules for the map are found here in French:

Translating the rules gives us the following:

Krosmaster Placement
- You may deploy your Krosmasters on any of the Set-up cells within 3 rows from your side of the board.

- At the beginning of the game, place a cart on each cart cell (Marked with an overturned cart).
- Carts block line of sight and are impassable (Similar to trees).
- Carts may never leave rail cells.

Cart Push
- Once per player turn, a Krosmaster adjacent to a cart can decide to push the cart. This is not a spell and has no cost.
- When a cart is pushed it moves in the opposite direction of the Krosmaster that pushed it, (Similar to casting a spell with Pushes 1).
- The cart moves along the track until it hits a cart cell (Marked with an overturned cart) or a station cell (Marked with a sign and red/white stripes).
- If the cart runs into another cart, the moving cart pushes the stationary cart 1 cell away, then continues movement if able. Remember that carts may never leave rail cells.
- If the cart runs into a Krosmaster or a Summon, the cart pushes that Krosmaster or Summon 1 cell away, then continues movement if able. If the cart cannot move, that Krosmaster or Summon takes 2 wounds.

Examples of the Cart Push effects can be found in the French post, look for "Voici quelques exemples de déplacement sous forme de gifs animés (réalisés par Nuuh). Dans ces exemples, les symboles "arbre" représentent les chariots".


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I am here to ask questions because I don't understand French.
So thank you very much for the information.^^

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