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Question about Cleophee

By March 10, 2019, 19:13:03

I need help understanding Cleophee's "ultimate".
can I deal 5 damage, I need to be far or close?

​​​​​ any help would be appreci

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Short answers : "No" and "the closer the better"

Long answers :
(I'm only talking about base damage here, not taking into account extra damages from crits or demonic rewards.)
The base damage of her ultimate spell is reduced by 1 [air] for every cell range to the target. Since this spell also has a minimum range of 2, this means that in the best case scenario, when the target is exactly 2 cells away from Cleophee, the spell will deal  3 base damages (5 from the printed base damage -2 from the secondary effect of the spell).
If she was 3 cells away from the target, the base damage would be 2, et caetera, until the spell reaches 0 base damages if the target is at max range (5 cells away.

Generally speaking, you (almost) always want to cast this ultimate at minimum range (2 cells), not only to maximize damages, but also if you have another member of the Brotherhood of the Tofu in your team (which you should when you play Cleophee), you immediately gain an extra MP thanks to her power, allowing you to get closer and attack the target again with her "tumble" spell (bonus points if you activate an "air damage" buff).

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Are you sure about that Firfidut?
The best basic damage you can inflict with Cleophee's ultimate is 4, not 3.
The range of the spell is 2, so you can target tiles at a minimum distance of 2. But if the tile at distance 2 is full, there will be a distance of just 1 empty tile... So the maximum basic damage (at minimum range) will be 4.

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