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By polinoz December 10, 2018, 06:49:07

Hello guys,in details how do you play Quilby when transforming to Quilby traitor?What happens to wounds you already had and what does it mean if he is your only ally?Whos ally?

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You just replace Qilby's profile card with Qilby - traitor's. Everything that was on the initial card stays on the new card : Revealed DRs, unrevealed DRs, Wound markers, +/- AP/MP/range markers, special markers. Same for the figurine, you just swap them where Qilby's is at the moment you cast the spell.

As for your second question, "allies" are game pieces under your control, basically krosmaster in your team + summons. The spell should probably be clarified as "... if he is your only ally in play".
So if you have other game pieces (krosmasters or summons) under your control and still in play while you cast Treason, you only resolve the healing effect. If on the other hand Qilby is your last game piece on the board and everything else in your team has been knocked out, you first swap his profile card and figurine with Qilby - traitor's, as I explained above, then you resolve the healing effect.

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