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Summoning rules

By killdankill November 30, 2018, 04:58:49

Hello there! 
i'm having doubts in those rules in general 
lets supose that in my team i have a Remington smisse and a Grampy-protector 

if with the Remington i use  --  throw: firebomb --  2 times in my turn 
does it affect the fleeflee summon on Grampy-protector ? or that rule is just for summons that are mobs ? 

thx. ^^ 

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The latest iteration of the rules groups all summons together, regardless if they're mobs, mechanisms or if they'refrom different types.

Basically, when you cast a summoning spell, count ALL ALLIED summons currently under your control, then check the number in parenthesis after the spell's name. If that number is equal or lower than the current summons count, the spell won't place a summon on the board. If it's strictly higher, then you can place a summon. (Note that this doesn't prevent the casting of the spell in the first place, it just blocks the summoning effect, other effects and/or damages still occur)

the only exception to this is the pink fleeflee demonic reward, because it's not put into play via a spell, so there's no summon limit associated and you can always summon the fleeflee. Once in play, the pink fleeflee does, however, count as an allied summon under your control for the purpose of casting other summoning spells.

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thank you! 

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