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By shamodub November 22, 2018, 17:51:59

In his spell 'bolas magiques' /bolas magicas, can oropo place the marker on more than one opposing figure, if he has targeted them during the same turn? 

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From the comprehensive rules :

4.13.1. Some Krosmasters are able to put special markers on a Krosmaster. The special markers are always named specifically in the text of the Spell or Power. There can be only one marker with the same name in play per team.
4.13.2. Each Krosmaster can only apply a single special marker at a time. If a spell demands to put a special marker on a Krosmaster, then this marker is put on this Krosmaster, even if it was already placed on another Krosmaster. A player cannot remove a marker that he hasn’t placed himself

So only one bolas marker in play and always on the last figurine that got targeted by the spell
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