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Percedal - Percylax - Big Game Hunter Question

By VashCalamidade November 18, 2018, 03:01:07

Hello everyone, we are struggling in our krosmaster community to come to an agreement about the Big Game Hunter power ("(Big-Game Hunter : if one of his allies is from the Brotherhood of the Tofu and in play, attack spells of Percedal inflicts +1{E} extra if target's Level is greater than the Level of any other opposing Krosmaster in play.)"

Let's say my oponent has 2 chars that are level 4 and other chars that are lower than 4. In this case would the big game hunter power activate? Or only after he kills one of the level 4 krosmaster?

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From the wording, it needs to be STRICTLY greater. So in your example, the power doesn't activate until you have killed one of the two lvl4 first.

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