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Prospecting & "Allied Characters"

By TabletopAdept November 15, 2018, 00:38:14
Whenever an allied character defeats an enemy Krosmaster, you are rewarded 1 {K} from the reserve per unit you control with Prospecting.

QUESTION: Does this apply if the Krosmaster that killed the enemy Krosmaster is the one that owns the "Prospecting" power? It is not clear whether or not "an allied character" is applied from the perspective of the Krosmaster or the perspective of the player (which considers all his/her Krosmasters as "allied characters").
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When in doubt, alway check the Comprehensive Rules :

4.9.26. Prospecting
4.9.26.a. This Power means: “When one of your Krosmasters KO’s an opposing Krosmaster, take one Kama from the reserve and add it to your stock”.

Also, to answer your question on the definition of "allied" in general
4.4.3. If a Spell or Power refers to an Ally, it refers to a Unit in the same Team as the Unit with the Spell or Power, including the latter.
4.4.4. If a Spell or Power refers to “other” Allies, or “his” Allies, it refers to Unit in the same Team as the Unit with the Spell or Power, excluding the latter.
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