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By HORSA#2103 July 12, 2015, 00:03:01

There seems to be confusion with some on the use of the germ stack with chance. He maintains it adds one damage as well as one dice. Can I get an official response that chance does not increase potential additional damage by 2 not 1?

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Ok. This is not official, but this is how it is.


This pawn rolls one additional dice for the Critical Roll when casting a {Water} spell. When this pawn is the target of a {Water} spell, it rolls one additional dice for the Armor Roll. This Power allows for a third die to be rolled if the pawn also has Critical or Armor.

Season 2 critical rules give +1, 0 or -1 damage depending on who gets more needed symbols, defender or attacker.

As Chance effects only critical rolls, rolling 3 dice gives you a good change to inflict +1 damage, but it is never automatic.

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