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Lumino card

By Chanoko#1427 September 22, 2014, 19:30:41

So, which is the original one? The one on the right is in the official site but the physical cards stats are similar to those in the left one:

I find more suiting the prosecution 4 in the kazam spell, otherwise Lumino is completely crappy

Was him updated? biggrin

Or is just a official page misprint? sad 
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Wow i even mentioned this to the developers during testing and they still messed up the printing sigh. The correct one is 4, not 6. Cause as you said he would be useless if it was 6. Unfortunatley all of the multiman are mostly useless anyways :/

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I'm afraid not. The first attack of Lumino indeed has a Prosecution of 6. Lumino works only in a full team of Multiman, and that's how he was designed.

The card with Prosecution 4 was a mistake when we first put up the card online; this has since be corrected in-game. However, it was not on the website (we would need another export of data for the website to be up to date).

I'll shake the people on our web service to get the right card on the website! Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Darn... I can understand the need of a full team of multimen, that's great, indeed. But he need a full team of avengers multimen so Shadow doesn't counts.

That means you need another multiman piece just to fill the group with a duplicated avenger in order to trigger Lumino's power and, knowing how kinda crappy they are, it's no use in spend on them like that.

I gladly would buy another complete set of multimen if they weren't so in the down pole but well...
See? More balance please!! tonguecool 

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Bothiswack|2014-09-23 14:26:47
The correct one is 4, not 6. Cause as you said he would be useless if it was 6. :/

Dewit|2014-09-23 16:48:34
I'm afraid not. The first attack of Lumino indeed has a Prosecution of 6. Lumino works only in a full team of Multiman, and that's how he was designed.

Ouch! ^ ^'

So, I really acquired a deficient set of krosmasters as it seems. Sorry for generally sound negative but sometimes I can't help it.

It's a shame, they look way cool. Also, the thing Chanoko says; Is not only they are somewhat underpowered but for making Lumino function full abilities, I have to buy another Multimen set. That's buying another set of underpowered cool fighters, haha. Did they come separately at least?

Well, I like them anyway. I wish they could include the Astrub Knight to the Avenger team, one day, for making them six and Lumino can get the boost. And some other villains for helping Shadow in showing his Vengeance power more often.
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Well, technically, the Prosecution mechanics calls for Avengers, not specifically Multimen. Right now, there's only one more Avenger (Captain Amakna), but we will probably release more in the future, which will "unlock" Lumino's powers more easily.

And since Prosecution counts the Avengers from both sides of the table, the more Avengers we have, the more can be played in any team, and the more Lumino will proc... Don't leave the poor guy on the shelf yet, he only means well. wink

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You can bet I'll jump out of the chair when I see a new multiman-avenger/krosmaster -avenger biggrin

Same with villains for Shadow, the Revenge 2 is there waiting for something to happen, besides Merkator.

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yeah unfortunately this game suffers from an issue with lets make a bunch of completely useless miniatures and put them into a set. The multimen could have been such a cool mechanic, but somehow they made them all suck terribly. The games mechanics are really cool but putting out new figures in sets where none of them is just bad design. Luckily I think the dark heroes are much more competative at least 4 of the heroes will probably see play.

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I wouldn't count the Multiman pack out just yet. Any future Avengers and Vigilantes will force us to reevaluate them over time. A Multiman 2 set down the line, or an Avenger cycle in Season 3 (along the lines of Knights or Bandits) could go a long way towards enabling Retribution on some models. Maybe even a level 4-6 with Avenger-typed summons so that you could get something with staying power that counted for more Retribution than Captain Amakna.

Plus Eric Price (Japanime Games's president) mentioned the possibility of a much larger board meant for 18-point+ games back at Anime Central last year. Captain Amakna plus six Multimen could potentially be solid in that environment; no real way of knowing until it happens though.

Which is to say, right now... yeah, I don't use my Multiman set. But I also don't feel bad about owning it given the upside potential there for later releases shaking things up.

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