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Krosmaster Board Game Improvements and the Future of the Game - my sharing

By gorantsee#8745 July 12, 2020, 08:06:16

I would like to share what I would like to see Ankama do in regards to Krosmaster Board Games and Materials
and how to sell it to us as the way I would like to see they consider it  improving the game experience, and internationaly sell us the game as well:


  • Sell Retail and Deluxe Version (or Premium Version) of Krosmaster Board Game to public
  • Retail as it is eg. Krosmaster Blast (perfect for casual players)
  • Sell Deluxe Version with all Characters and miniature mobs at higher price (perhaps sell only from Ankama Shop) people will buy it, if available, plastic mobs, and it adds richness to the game and experience much greater than cardboard.
  • [*]Maybe Consider Inserts for game to organise coins rewards and all the rest for ease of play and firm display
    characters and collectors enjoy that plug and play, pull out and play (perhaps call it super deluxe version).
  • Sell us a main game/or expansion every 2 - 4 years and in-between with several characters and a new map and slight rule adjustments
  • In a year release maybe max 12 characters per calendar year either all at once in packs of 4 characters oe every 4 months, it keeps it fresh and engaging (do not go Disney Infinity Style and Skylanders and than it dies out, too much at once is too much and the play value disappears and people lose interests as cost too much to keep up for most, just my look at it. eg Skytear boardgame is great example in it so far and Marvel Champions but that is different game all together just an example of releasing new content).

Retail Version is perfect for entry casual level players
Deluxe Version is perfect for Advance gamers that want to play at the max level of what the game offers.
Middle ground is when players buy packs and characters but are kinda 50/50.

Kickstarter product examples:
  • sell it to public at higher price
  • for exclusives make it time exclusive or sell it at higher price at Ankama Shop to public (or in Deluxe version as previously mentioned).

when kickstarter is on, not everyone knows of it, and if they do they might have had financial issues at the time or other reasons. Currently Krosmaster Blast has more than half of the characters exclusive, which some people do not want to buy retail version. There has be the balance of middle ground to bring the audience back and Deluxe Version can fill the gap between casuals and collectors that play the game and enjoy it).

Mobs and Promotionals
  • No more blind boxes (if they exist, in side with already available pack and maybe only have colour difference to it, but same character when it comes to specs eg base colour difference).
It would be nice to see restock of other mobs as well and terrain that is unavailable anywhere. As currently selling terrain and mobs is very good, despite some disappearing very quickly.

Sell Krosmaster Cards in English Season 3, 4, 5

Krosmaster mini maps that were with packs:

I know previously with packs and characters Krosmaster mini maps came out. Those maps could have came as expansions and story driven on solid cardboard and it would have had more value  to it, so far I see them as rubbish and lucky to get one play out of it or no play. While the main game is beautiful to look at, especially with all terrain and miniatures and plastic mobs. eg: Ticket to Ride, allot of versions, very little difference to it, but the game still sells and Krosmaster can do better than that, introduce story driven campaigns or challenges and with fresh new look to it.  Embracing it could be a new approach and greater reward. Keep it simple as possible and enough to keep engaged but not overwhelmed.

Krosmaster Quest:
Is a decent game, but it was never followed up, a game that could have been great, seemed unfinished and it would be great to introduce Stories and chapter plays in it.

Reference Book is a must:
Since went down there is no reference how to play some characters and mobs.
With all new board games, consider a Reference Book with pictures and how each and every character plays, that is a selling point for number of people. Good Rule book sells with reference and index, as even current rules books are beautiful but not great due to reference flipping back and forth constantly and figuring where did I see it.
  • Perhaps publish it as PDF or sell it as a print separately or in the game.
  • [*]Create a FAQ for Print on PDF
    post it to and on this site.

When the board game comes it could include Reference Book and how each and every character plays in it for that season. Mech vs Minions boardgame is an excellent example how things should be done, especially in Reference Book or Index Book.

eg. Boufbowl doesn't have as good playbook for beginner as Krosmaster Arena for my user presentation and it has less image presentation and that can affect some people to learn and relate to what is what.

Make a video how to play the game
eg. I learned fair bit from previous video game of Krosmaster that was shut down how to play. Current one is no go for me, but to engage new players it is always good to see video on how to play, and many companies lack of it, apart from few like Stonemaier Games that answers community questions, Dice Throne and so on...

I know the game is original in French and translation can be issues. I am only sharing what I would like to see and what could make the game greater than what it is. Only my sharing and I hope to see better light of the game and the game could be at the right time soon for reboot, and reinvent how it is presented with different approach and adjustments and look at casual and intermediate audience as a sale point to reduce the cost and give value to the product.

Kind regards happy
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I am a media production specialist  and one who has lived in France for several years but am not in the USA. (France is where I discovered the game). I love this post and completely support it. I think that there is so much potential with this game and would gladly work with anyone that was willing to do advertising of any kind and support so this game can be picked up again. I love love love this game and all of its contents and greatly support any and all future content being made. 

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It is like a great story, but if not implemented the best way possible, it will just vanish and sad to see that. I only got into boardgames about 5 years ago, and krosmaster is my most invested game because I love the look and feel of the game, but when it comes to information and reference it really lacks, or whether it is just language translation poorly converted. I really really could have seen this game do much better and I am at point I just like to get expansions for the game I own and Krosmaster fits in perfectly. I never realised until I watched Wakfu cartoon, at that point the game shined even more, by understanding the world of krozmos, and becoming aware of  it,  and hopefully we see it more and maybe even sequel to the Quest? angel

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