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Like, Ankama, you should`ve concentrate on online version lulw, now your efforts are wasted!

By Keetreh#7957 June 21, 2020, 01:23:18
Hearthstone opened new horizons for the games like Krosmaster. People watch em on Twitch and people love to play them. Like I get it - Kros isn`t a card game, that`s why you made Krosmaga, coz you thought people were into CARDS themselves, like they wanted cardgames and cardgames only????? Nah BRUH, they really liked session play, collecting, deckbuilding, Non-Stop tactical action LIVE on Twitch and tacticooling themselves. And this format looks really good on Twitch, so there is COMMUNITY and CONTENT from da people fo da people.
So, like, what I think is - Krosmaster had it all to be a good online game in every aspect that matters, mirroring those aspects from the titans like Hearthstone itself. Cards, figurines - it doesn`t matter. Read into what I`ve said. In spirit, Krosmaster is worthy and it`s REALLY competetive, like THAT`S what you WANT in your ONLINE boardgame. 
So, here`s the TRUTH - Ankama lost MILLIONS of dollars in potential revenue coz Ankama can`t do anything right. Who`ve said you need to develop TABLETOP over CASHMONEY COW that is ONLINE KROSMASTER>>>???????? Like goddamn, name the FOOL who`ve made you do this and fire him, her, xir, them - whatever.
The LMAOest part, pardon my french, that you REMADE the WHOLE GAME in FULL 3D and released it ON STEAM and on iOS. Did you actually WANTED it to fail? How? How is that possible? To have an iPad release and make no money/get any audience? 
My advice? Hire a manager, give that person a whip and make that person whip your employees. Maybe it won`t change anything, but i`ll feel better, knowing that you getting something in form of a punishment.

Oh, and, like, rerelease online version. And finish Wakfu`s infinite beta, please. And fix osas in Dofus, what the hell did you do to em? 
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Spot on! A game that had potential to be more than what it is, Kinda dying or dead and with right leadership a potential to be more.

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