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Krosmaster Arena In The USA

By LittleDarkEye June 12, 2020, 10:08:29

So I actually lived in France for a couple years which is where I discovered Krosmasters and instantly fell in love with the game. But ever since returning to the US I've found literally no one knows about the game. It's now year 2020 and I'm like... any future plans for Krosmaster Arena in the US? I want to do tournaments! Id love access to the new seasons and such! Where are these fantastic little plastic figurines? What plans are there in general?!

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Where in the US are you.  I know two players in the Seattle area.     Krosmaster I think is dying.  Not just in the US but I think it's going down in Europe too.   It looks like Ankama is getting out of the Krosmaster Arena support game.  (I don't know this for sure, but it appears pretty obvious)
*  2-3 years ago they released the OVA Pack and Eternal Card Pack, but they have yet to print either in English.
*  They stopped their excellent on-line version of the game and turned it over to a very lame Boardgame Arena version.
*  Their last release was a Kickstarter.
*  No announced future plans.  (They used to have 2-3 releases per year announced ahead of time.)

Sadly I suspect this horse is dead.

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I'm actually on Oahu Hawaii.
So how new is this Gloomy Grove expansion and is that pretty much the last expansion to Krosmasters then? Common Ankama! This is a legit game! It's a blast! I can't believe this thing is gonna die, I would say there's so much potential still here in the US. I know in Europe they just had their world cup tournament for this. Is it really really going down there too?

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A death is in the air! RIP Krosmaster 2020

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Ankama I would really like to hear your input on this! Even now I buy figurines because this game has so much potential and could really make it big if you put the time into it targeting an American audience. I know this is a long shot but I myself have lived both in France and America and as one who works in advertising including youtube platforms this could be something that I could advertise! If you need connections lets do something, but common! Lets do something with this game!!!!

UPDATE: There are no shops in the US! Is there any future for this game at all? I'm literally a single player in Hawaii and just yesterday introduced several of my friends who are now hooked on the game and are looking for figurines! ANKAMA!! What is the plan for this game in the future in the US!?!

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