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Delays on Kickstarter. Krosmaster Blast

By Vragar#9823 February 07, 2020, 11:52:34

Good morning everyone.

I want to share with Ankama my disappoint for the new delays on Krosmaster Blast.
I read the Update #50, and I understand the motivations. What I do not understand is the light mode in which this event is treated by Ankama.

It is a really good thing that the error came to eyes, because good are already paid, and sending an incomplete/defective new product to customers (without saying anything) would be ashaming for you.
Do not you think that charging your customers with other delays is equally ashaming?

In commerce, who caused the trouble is the one who have to remedy. Without discharging trouble on the final customer.
So a possibile scenery could have been:

- Ankama => Manager, there are defective tokens in the Blast's delivery.
- Ankama's Manager => Calls "Factory XYZ" that produced that tokens. "Good morning chief of "Factory XYZ", I have to claim that your delivery is not compliant with the standards. I have to send this goods to my 1.400 customers, because I am already late of 2 months with shipping and I need a solution.
So you, that caused my troubles, have at least two solutions: 1) you will make an extraordinary fast production and send me the goods with immediate delivery into this week; in this way I can respect my customers, shipping in time. 2) You will take entire charge for shipping directly to my 1.400 customers the new goods. My customers will have our products in time, and you are going to complete your duty as supplier sending your goods with fast shipping in all the world.
Choose one, or another viable solution, so that I can have a new delivery this friday; I have to send good to my 1.400 customers saturday, as my company promised. Our customers do not deserve other delays".

I wonder why this has not occoured.
I wonder why the communities have to suffer other delays (Blast should have been ready before Christmas, if I remember correctly), accepting in silence this situation.
I understand that the problem is not caused by Ankama, but from a third company that gave you a defective product. Anyway you have 1.400 backers that gave trust to Ankama, that believe in your project, that support your products, despite the thousand delays that Krosmaster Arena had.
We bought from Ankama, and we want solutions from Ankama; not simple comunications and excuses. We want solutions, certain dates of delivery, no more problems.

I know how commerce works, from production to delivery to final customer... And I have always seen similar situations managed forcing the responsable to respect the contract.
If delays is inevitable, my responsability as seller is to fidelize my customers despite the delays. I have to reward their trust in my company, their patience, their loyalty to my products. In this way I can transform a problem in an opportunity, a mistake into a new occasion for fidelizing my customers. Obviuously I have to reduce, possibly to 0, the costs for this operation, using levers on the direct responsable/s for the delay/s.
If the customers see that I am working hard for neutralizing their problems, to respect my promises, perhaps they will follow me in other projects.
If my cusutomers see that this kind of things, delays on delays onto other delays (remember Duel Pack 3?), are followed lightly from the company, they will probably turns their head on other sights.

It seems that the delays is inevitable... So I hope that Ankama will listen to a single customer, me, putting a patch on this gash, fixing my trust in her. I am expecting some kind of reward for my patience, for my support to the game (in shops, in spreading events, on the Forum and with the other communities), for loving this game... Maybe more than some people that work in Ankama.
I put my trust in you, and I hope that this time will be rewarded in some way.

Thanks for creating Krosmaster Arena. I hope that I will be able to thank you soon for your new approach and support to all the international communities that are following your wonderful game.

Best regards, Mattia Gamboni.

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Thanks Mattia for say it, a ton of Krosmaster players think the same thing

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