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What happened to it?

By August 10, 2019, 23:53:31

I know it may sound that I am a bit off, but still, what happened to Krosmasters Arena? I played this game a lot on steam, but suddenly when I was looking for it, it wasn't there! So I wanted to know if it still exists...

Sorry, I understood the problem... Its because I looked in my recently bought Frigost expansion and It says that I can use the exclusive code to add a Krosmaster.

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A bit late but these forums are practically abandoned so I don't suppose thread necros are an issue.

Ankama pretty much gave up Krosmaster Arena. The devs were shifted over to the development of Krosmaga, leaving the game in a terrible state with a toxic meta dominated by Julith. Some of the more dedicated players hung around for a while but now even they have moved on. The devs handled the entire thing really poorly,  refusing to communicate their true intentions to players despite  numerous threads and requests. Krosmaga ended up suffering the same fate with developers being shifted over to Waven which is now in development. Third time lucky, I guess?

Unfortunately this tends to be a common theme throughout Ankama productions. The devs always have a great foundation but fail to consistently maintain and update the game after release. (With the possible exception of Dofus, although even it has certain long-standing issues).

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