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Boardgame Arena sucks

By Kollosal March 09, 2019, 09:52:10

so, is the only way to play online now using that terrible Web browser Boardgame arena version? what happened to the amazing old cg animated version! the difference between the 2 is like Tic-tac toe VS Fire Emblem

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I get the idea why they changed to the 2d version: less bugs, faster, easier to keep up-to-date and better connection. It's meant to be competitive and for tournaments. Still it would have been great to have both one for the core gamers and the 3d version as a laisure game for new fans who just want to see fighting chibis

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less bugs and its cheaper for them for a dying product, they are probably just putting in as little support as they need to keep what little money this game is earning coming in. hell, the forums arent even moderated let alone active

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