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New Qualifying Tournaments Online!

By [Dewit] - ANKAMA - February 27, 2019, 12:00:00

Krosmaster Arena is launching official tournaments on Board Game Arena! Battle opponents from around the world on your computer and win your slot in the World Championship!

A new type of tournament is entering the world of organized gaming – online tournaments on Board Game Arena! These tournaments will let you face off against players from around the world and win your slot in the Krosmaster Arena World Championship!

The first of these tournaments will be held in March and will welcome 64 players maximum. Afterwards, three other qualifying tournaments will be held on this platform, one every two months. These tournaments will have their own leaderboards, separate from the physical tournaments. The leaderboards will determine which players qualify for the World Championship through this path.


How Will It Work?

You must, of course, have an account with the Board Game Arena website. The tournament will be organized with the help of the Toornament website for greater visibility among players.

The tournament will be organized in two distinct phases:

  • A group phase in which players are placed in groups of four comes first. After the group phase, the top two players from each group will be qualified for a bracket phase.
  • Then, 32 players will compete in the bracket phase with direct elimination. Starting with the quarter finals (top 8), the tournament will add a losers bracket, giving players who lose a match along the way a second shot at making it to the finals!

Players will have several days to find a time when they and their opponent are both available and play their match. The results will then be reported on the Toornament website to determine their next opponent. All the matches will be played in one winning round.

A specific ranking will be set up for the online tournaments on the Krosmaster website. Players competing in these tournaments will receive the following points, based on their ranking:

  • Participation: 2 points
  • Qualified following the group phase: 5 points
  • Top 16: 10 points
  • Top 8: 17 points
  • Top 6 (*): 25 points
  • 4th Place: 35 points
  • 3rd Place: 40 points
  • 2nd Place: 50 points
  • 1st Place: Qualified for the World Championship!

(*) Includes the players who lose a match in the quarter finals but win a match in the losers bracket.

Qualification for the World Championship

With these new online tournaments, ways of qualifying for the World Championship will be more diverse. The 48 slots in this final championship will be divided as follows:

  • 14 players qualified directly in the National Open tournaments: Each of the top 2 from the Open tournaments in France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Russia, and China will automatically be qualified for the World Championship.
  • 18 players qualified via the points rankings from the QTs and Open tournaments.
  • 4 players qualified directly via the online tournaments: The winner of each of the four online tournaments will automatically be qualified for the World Championship.
  • 12 players qualified via the points rankings from the online tournaments.

This gives you tons of opportunities to win your golden ticket to the Krosmaster Arena tournament of tournaments!

Ankama intervention 2

Replying to Aldarion-gato

You can also use a team made wiht the free characters if you wish to. Or get a Premium subscription just for the duration of the tounament. 

See message in context
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J'avoue que j'ai pas envie de m'inscrire sur un site tierce pour jouer à Krosmaster, et encore moins mettre de l'argent dedans, si ce n'est pas Ankama qui gère le truc. Sérieux... C'est quoi cette idée encore. On dois se log avec notre compte Ankama ? Et si on se fait hack, il se passe quoi ?

Sérieux... J'ai passé plusieurs dizaines d'heure sur ce petit Krosmaster, et en voulant y retourner, je me rend compte que ça n'existe même plus.

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(Je répond en français une seule fois, mais ceci est la partie anglophone du site, donc posez vos questions en français sur l'autre merci, merci.)

Vous ne devez pas vous log avec votre compte Ankama chez BGA, vous créez un nouveau compte sur place sans aucun lien entre les deux. Il n'y a donc pas de risques de hack de votre compte Ankama. 
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And what about bugs on BGAa, not actualized figurines (buffs and debuffs), still missing figurines?? It will not be fair to compare the real board game with the boardgamearena...

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So, we must pay the vip in bga to have Access to a competitive army?

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You can also use a team made wiht the free characters if you wish to. Or get a Premium subscription just for the duration of the tounament. 

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In my opinion this are terrible news no matter how everyone can see it. BGA is full of bugs. Furthermore there's a lack of Season profiles, so the competitive format will become easily twisted related to the tabletop game.

Due to these big (BIG) facts, Krosmaster Arena rooms in BGA are almost as empty as Krosmaster Online 3D when you (Ankama) decided to leave behind this beautiful project.

Other important outcome about the first paragraph is that few people from some of the various big Krosmaster communities - I'm talking about Spanish communities - who played KMA through BGA are still enduring there. It's so complicated to find the right mood to play in BGA when you have to face off with almost no improvements from the BETA version.

So all in all, I think this is one of the worst ideas ever about a competitive event. And I'm not against people can buy their place to the Worlds through an online platform. It's only I think BGA is not prepared for the challenge in similar conditions as we can expect in the tabletop format.

And that's not all. You're saying that 1 out 3 seats in the World Series will come from BGA. You have to admit it is rather unconventional when World Series will be played with real figurines.

Well, I might be blind but we will see.

Ps. in another vein, the comprehensive rules document should be properly updated to add the new mechanics S6 introduced 4 months ago.

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I am excited waiting krosmaster news, but this is not a new that i was expecting. I dont like this idea. I hope BGA gets a lot better then, so we can have fun and practice.

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What about multiple qualification? If anyone qualified through bga and QT points?

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