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[Organized Play] Changes for the Season Format

By [Nuuh]#1184 November 30, 2018, 16:48:35

Hello everybody,

 Today we have an important announcement. We're going to overhaul the balance system used for the Season format in Krosmaster Arena.Indeed, the Boss&Ban list has been quite a useful tool for all these years, but we think it's time to replace it with something more modern and, I hope, closer to your expectations.
First, I'll explain the system and its practical application in Krosmaster Arena. Next, I'll expand on the advantages we see in that system.

 The new system has 4 types of bonuses and 4 types of penalties that each Krosmaster may receive depending on its tournament results.

Buffs :

  • Haste : +1 max MP
  • Skillful : +1 max AP
  • Stone skin : +2 max HP
  • Iron body : +4 max HP
Debuffs :
  • Slow : -1 max MP
  • Clumsy : -1 max AP
  • Weakened : -2 max HP
  • Mutilated : -4 max HP
 Over time, a Krosmaster may receive one or more of these 8 statuses.
For example, Julith will henceforth count as Clumsy and Weakened, which will lower her max AP to 6 and her max HP to 11.
Practically, in order to better visualize this, we will put status cards at your disposal, which will specify these stats changes, and you'll be able to slide beneath the Krosmaster's profile card, leaving apparent the stats changes.
These statuses will mostly be applied on a profile by profile basis (e.g. Julith), but will also sometimes apply to all Krosmasters with a specific trait (e.g. all Krosmasters with the Wild trait gain Stone Skin). In that second case, Grougaloragran – old isn't affected, despite his power.

Here's a list of statuses applied to Krosmasters for Arena : 

Krosmasters with penalties : 

Julith : Clumsy and Weakened (-1 max AP, -2 max HP)
Black Crow : Clumsy (-1 max AP)
Grougalorasalar : Slow (-1 max MP)
Djaul : Weakened (-2 max HP)
Khan Karkass : Slow (-1 max MP)
Dragon Pig : Slow (-1 max MP)

Krosmasters with bonuses : 

Remington Smisse – mercenary : Stone skin (+2 max HP)
Bworker : Stone skin (+2 max HP)
Missiz Freezz : Skillful (+1 max AP)
Elite Chafer : Stone skin and Skillful (+2 max HP, +1 max AP)
Le Chouque : Stone skin (+2 max HP)
Wild trait : Stone skin (+2 max HP)
Dreggon trait : Skillful and Haste (+1 max AP, +1 max MP)
Minotor trait : Haste (+1 max MP)

You'll find a printable version of the cards in this link :

Going further and stakes

 Legality of teams

 One big advantage with this system is that each figurine is legal, as long as it belongs to the appropriate season. We don't want to ban profiles anymore, nor block synergies.
 Therefore, even a very strong figurine, such as Julith, will remain playable. A player coming to a tournament with her will be able to play his team, other player will simply point out the statues applied to his figurine at the start of the game, but he will be able to play the team he imagined, albeit rebalanced.

Adaptation and responsiveness 

We wanted a system that would allow us to tweak imbalances, but also to be responsive if new datas came into play. For example, a figurine that was deemed too strong and received a penalty status could see it removed if several figurines countering it and rendering it less dominant were to be released.
This system will allow us to make several adjustments depending on events that make the metagame.

One single profile 

The choice made for the Eternal format raised the problem of multiplying profiles. If we wished to make multiple adjustments to some profiles, reprinting cards each time, there was a risk of having too many profiles for a single figurine, and confusing players.
This system avoids contradictory profiles proliferation, which would risk confusing player on which one is the right one.


One advantage of this system is that it requires the same set of accessories no matter the number of Krosmasters that need rebalance.
So even if in the long run we had to rebalance 200 Krosmasters, the accessories needed to handle that rebalance would remain the same.

Possible improvements 

One of the things we wanted, was the ability to improve figurines that don't see much play, as opposed to the former Boss&Ban list which was only punishing. We also wanted to push forward figurines deemed too weak.


Of course, this system also has its limits. Among them, the granularity of possible changes, which is high, and forces us to intervene mostly on extreme cases.There's a risk of making the readability of these changes too complex if there are too many of them.
Again, we'll use these changes parsimoniously in the Season format.

Explaining the choices for improved figurines 

As you can see, we chose to improve a lot of figurines, mostly from season 3. We'd rather focus on improvements rather than nerfs for this launch.
Tough choices had to be made so as to not extend this list to infinity and beyond, and here's the reasoning behind these choices. We chose to boost season 3 as a whole, so as to give it a chance to shine in a last shot of glory, which it didn't have the opportunity to do, save for maybe Buck Anear and Otomaï.

We've also selected a few level 4+ figurines that rarely made it in team builds.
For example, Elite Chafer was seldom played, if at all, contrary to The Nun which was experimented with by some players in tournaments.
We dont want to boost everything, but mostly reduce the biggest gaps.

What about Eternal format ?

 We'd like to apply this new method to the eternal format as a whole. But first we want to see it in action on a smaller pool of figurines and get practical feedback from tournament players before applying it to the Eternal format.

Thanks for your attention and have a good game.

P-S : I was so eager to share this with the community, that I asked the help of one of you to translate it, I couldn't wait an official translation.
I thank Firfidu for his help.
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Oropo and Adamai buff please, and Crocabulia too op, walking 5 plus 4 base breath damage, insane.


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No penalties for the rest of the banned figures?  Is there still a ban list for figures that don't appear here?

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There is none, since this change is applied for seasons format, with s6 in and s2 out we only got juju in the ban list, since the samurais are rednamed, so permanently banned in all tournment formats.

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Seems nice. When does it come into force?

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Speaking of balancing, will the Eternal Deck ever be sold in English?

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So i'm thinking, Do Eternal deck will be valid for Seasons championship with those Buff and Debuff? biggrin 

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The role idea behind the season and eternal thing is to have a format that rotate ( season ) and a wild one ( eternal ) so i dont think that will happen :/ 

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Dear Dewitt/Huun/Ankama in general

Since end of October Season 6 is out. Unfortunately (unless you attended the Spiel game fair in Essen) you can only order French displays in the Ankama shop. Thus many players from other countries lack access to the new season. And this has a negative impact on the number of players in our Organized Play not mentioning dwindling support from the few retailers that still support Arena...

Furthermore the CR and TR documents are outdated and WEEKS ago a change in OP was announced (no boss list anymore, mods on certain figs,...) on this forum but not yet officially on the homepage and there are RUMORS that S2 now is out of Season format. This too has not been posted on the official homepage.

There is at least one QTs in the next few weeks and it would be GREAT if we can have some official word and DOCUMENTS which rules have to be used. It is mandatory for players preparations and should be no great deal for you.

Overall I find your current lack of support for Arena... "disturbing"...

With (currently not so) kind regards

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Dear Ankama,
    I four star support this method of rebalancing the game.  (Assuming you continue update and tweak figures until balance levels are reached.)    Something like this has been needed since.....well since the game came out.

Something I noticed -  I think (with a few exceptions....mostly the ones you addressed here), Ankama has done a reasonably good job of balancing figures within each level.   That is to say relative to each other - All the level 3 Krosmasters have a pretty good balance...same for the other levels.  But what you've done a HORRIBLE job of balancing is the different levels relative to each other, and specifically, the level 1's are WAY WAY WAY too powerful.  (It's not even close)    Look in order for the 12 level limit to be the balancing factor, every Krosmaster has to have a "Strenght/usefulness" value which matches it's level value.   Example   three level 1 Krosmasters need to be EQUALLY powerful/useful as a single level 3 Krosmaster.   And this isn't even remotely close to the case.  almost any 3 level 1 Krosmasters will destroy any level 3 Krosmaster....badly.

What I have done for games in my game group is:   I've litterally made new cards for all the level 1 Krosmasters, and cut their HP values in half!!    And this seems to make the Level 1's much more accurate in power/usefulness value than they are now. 

I like the idea you have here....but I noticed you haven't touched the worst balance problem this game currently has:   OP level 1's.   BTW, look at all your major tournament results....the most overused figures are LEVEL 1's.   And the reason for this is because they are MASSIVELY OP.

And again, I don't mean to sound negative, because I am very happy that you are at last addressing the balance problem in a method that has a good chance of actually working.  But please don't turn a blind eye on level 1's.   (They are the overlooked biggest balance problem in the game.)    1 level 3 needs to be competitive with 3 level 1's.  (That's just the math of balancing.....and it's currently not even remotely close.)    If you don't fix this, people won't use level 3's, and tentpole teams will continue to be the dominant strategy.

More on level 1's.

I suggested that a balance needs to be reached where one level 3 Krosmaster is competitive with three level 1 Krosmasters.   (and let me say....that's not even good enough.)  In reality the 3 level 1 Krosmasters need to be slightly weaker than a single level 3 Krosmaster because:

Level 1 Krosmasters give another advantage that goes beyond their "Combat Strength" or "Utility Strength".   They also have these advantages:
Board coverage.
Tying up advantage.
Kama Gathering.
Not all eggs in one basket.
Sacrificial advantage.  (You can sacrifice a level 1 without risking losing the game...not so with a level 3.  You lose a level 3 and you're a couple Gallons of Glory away from defeat.  Your back is to the wall in this area.)

Those factors above don't come up in straight head to head evaluation, but are huge factors in actual game play.   That is to say you can do the math to calculate if 3 level 1's are mathematically comparable, to one level 3, but you also need to take into account these other inherit advantages to having 3 figures on the board compared to 1.

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Hi [Dewit] and [Nuuh].

Two simple questions...

Is there any news for the release of Season 6 in Italy?
Our local publisher, Ghenos Games, does not give any information.

I just want to know... What should I do to have my S6 figures in English (or Italian, if it has been translated) to play? I don't know where BUY them!
Please let me know how can I complete my Krosmaster Collection adding S6 to my physical roster.

With the new system of Buff/Debuff, will the characters wielding the "Boss" archtype remain Boss (with the usual limit of 1 Boss per Team), or the Boss Archtype is not considered as for the previous Ban/Boss limitation?

Grugaloragran - Old will remain a Boss, or the "Boss" archtype is obsolete and should be ignored?

Thanks for your help. Matt.

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Waiting in February's half for the response of Vragar's QUESTION 2 only for the actual Wisdom's power mechanic in Eternal

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   How often will this list be updated?   I think Brotherhood of the Forgotten has been released since this thread/game balance method started.   (Or at lease it has here in the US)  Of course it might be a little too early to notice which piece in Brotherhood of the Forgotten which might need an adjustment.    I'm just curious how often Ankama plans on updating this list?
  And please consider rebalancing the level 1's relative to the other levels.  They still seem too powerful.

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