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[Devblog] Wild Realms: FAQ and Eternal update

By [Dewit] - ANKAMA - November 27, 2017, 16:00:00

In this devblog, [Nuuh] answers a few questions about Wild Realms and talk about the Eternal format update!  

Hi everyone,

We're back with news after the release of Wild Realms. I hope you're enjoying playing with it as much as we did creating it. As always, I'll try to keep this short.

First, the Comprehensive Rules have been updated and can be found here: [link]


I'd also like to take this opportunity to answer a few questions on the rules that have been posted in the forums.

One of the first subjects that have raised questions is Missiz Burnzz's Flame Return.


Personal spell and Flame Return:

A personal spell (  ) targets the caster's cell. CThis is why, if a Krosmaster casts a personal spell ( and has the "Will-o'-the-Wisp" marker, the effect of Flame Return is triggered and the Krosmaster suffers 2 damage.


Missiz Burnzz and Djaul:

The other interaction that is raising questions is between the "Flame Return" power and Djaul's "Black Humor" attack.

In fact, this raises a more general question about how "Flame Return" operates, which often seems poorly understood. In Krosmaster, triggered effects that do not belong to spells in the process of being resolved are put on hold until step 8 (after the spell resolution) unless they change spell resolution. We have added Point 7.2.1.c to the CRs in order to clarify how this works.


Dragon Pig:


Dragon Pig's effect is an effect that has a conditional trigger that requires one to calculate how many dice are thrown during the current roll. It can only take place after applying the effects that make it possible to calculate the total number of dice. That's why, for example, we apply the effect of the Armor power before verifying whether Piggy-Business is triggered or not.

Similarly, an "Armor-Piercing" attack on Dragon Pig with the "Armor" power is resolved as follows:
Dragon Pig was supposed to throw only one die because of Armor-Piercing, so his power wasn't triggered and he therefore throws only one die.

The resolution is the same if Dragon Pig is under the effect of the "Driving" power: We apply the "Driving" modifications, and then we verify the number of dice that Dragon Pig is supposed to throw to determine whether or not "Piggy-Business" is triggered.

We have added Point 4.18.10 to the CRs to clarify this area of the rules.


Up next: the update to the Eternal format.




All the future products will be initially released in the 2-Star category, and then moved up or down categories if needed.

Here are the changes, followed by a brief explanation.


Eternal 1 Star:

  • Addition of BAD ABOUM
  • Addition of LOU
  • Addition of DARK VLAD – Karnated
  • Removal of RAUL BAK

Eternal 2 Star: 

  • Removal of DARK VLAD – Karnated
  • Removal of LOU
  • Removal of BAD ABOUM
  • Removal of PHAERYS – Devastated
  • Addition of RAUL BAK
  • Addition of QUENTIN FLUSH
  • Addition of the Wild Realms Expansion


Eternal 3 Star:

  • Addition of PHAERYS – Devastated
  • Removal of QUENTIN FLUSH


We wanted to shake up the Eternal 1 Star format a bit. To do so, we added Lou who, while she does boost her allies, tends to injure them.

We think that DARK VLAD – Karnated receives too much competition from the level-2 version to be played in the 2-Star category on a regular basis.

We are moving him down to the 1-Star category in order to give players in this format a new direction in which to build.

Finally, we are testing swapping places between BAD ABOUM and RAUL BAK in the role of AP controller. Since BAD ABOUM is a little less technical to play, we think that he will be less oppressive for the Eternal 1 Star metagame.


 We've decided to move PHAERYS – Devastated up to the 3-Star category. We had left him in place so that he could act as a safeguard in 2-Star format. With the addition of Wild Realms, we think that his presence is not as necessary, and he's therefore moving up to the 3-Star category.

Finally, QUENTIN seemed to us to be too constrained in Eternal 3 Star. The addition of Wild Realms in the 2-Star category combined with RAUL's moving up, seems to us to be a good time to give him his chance in the 2-Star category.


That's it for this week. Next week, we'll announce the update of the Season Format. Have fun playing, everyone!


First Ankama intervention

Replying to AlexanderMartell

That was a slight copy-paste mistake. We have fixed the error (and the document linked in the post). Thank you for noticing it! 

See message in context
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You wrote in the new f.a.q.s that the effects of the new rule "Track" are applied only if you cast that spell in oponent's territory. Is that true?

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That was a slight copy-paste mistake. We have fixed the error (and the document linked in the post). Thank you for noticing it! 

Score : 1401

Does anybody know why from Italy we can not open new topics on the EN Forum? Our local CCM retired and we have no one to ask for official answers... We need an open channel for our doubts and questions. Could anyone help us please?

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Because of the constant spamming these forums receive, the rights to make new topics is temporarily blocked. Players can participate in threads but not create new ones. We apologize for this situation, we're looking for a better way to deal with it. 

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Dewit, I am quite happy with the changes but can you please ask SOMEONE about when the update for the "figurines" tab will arrive, scince the Miss Frezz and the Anathar/ justice knight incedents, my only reliable source for the character profiles is the official website, but now, evn that is out of date, we are already at season 5 and I could only see the 2.0 charcters and the third season.

So just to make myself clear: can anyone update the website, or tell a website that is up to date with all the REAL Krosmaster profiles

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I can advice you this excellent website : Krosfinder

You'll find every Krosmaster profile, and much more. Thanks again to the Krosfinder's Team for this.

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It is nice to see a new CR version with all the updates for S5. But just for the record, shouldn't be updated the powers Retribution and Revenge as well? We have the same old version in it but not those for Eternal format. Am I wrong?

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Dewit, can you explain to me the advantage of this "Star Tiered System"?

With the release of the Eternal Pack, and Ankama's concession to actually alter Krosmaster card statistics to balance the Krosmasters, they could have tried to adjust the cards such that each figures level value matched it's tactical value, thereby making the "level value" the factor by which teams are balanced for fair play.

But instead of doing that, they adjusted some figures, but instead of going for matching the tactical worth to the level value, they instead went with this "Star System". And now it appears that figures are going to be moved up and down the star system periodically the way figures moved on and off the boss list, which will create a head ache of keeping track of which figures have what number of stars for team building. Additionally since certain figures from the same "Family" have different numbers of stars, certain "Thematic Teams" won't be competitive at any number of star level. (Example - Knights) Am I missing something? What is the up side of using this 3-star rating system for re balancing the game? (And keep in mind when you answer, I do agree this is better than not fixing the balance at all. But I don't understand the advantage of this system over just plain making the figure levels accurate relative to their tactical worth. Can you explain the advantages of this system?

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The tier system was invented to allow the existence of the Eternal format by making several level of powers available, from the most restrictive (use only relatively weak characters) to the most open (anything goes). Giving players several game feels and metagames so they can find what they enjoy the most. 

Since no balancing can be perfect, and predicting how players will use characters in team building is almost impossible, a flexible list allowing us to shift Krosmasters from one category to the other, depending on new releases. 

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