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This fall is going to be a hot one!

By [Dewit] - ANKAMA - August 24, 2017, 17:00:00

The weather may be cooling down, but Krosmaster Arena has got a really hot fall season ahead of it! The online game returns and Wild Realms is released… read all about it right here!

Summer vacation is over, and now that you've had some time to relax, it's time to get back to work… But who says "autumn" has to rhyme with "boredom"? This fall, we're sending you to the arenas, and we've got plenty of good stuff there to keep you busy!

Online game: update in September


You've been asking for it loud and clear, and at long last, the update to the Krosmaster Arena online game is about to arrive! It's planned for the first half of September; we'll let you know the exact date as soon as we can.

This update includes all the most recent rule changes, along with the Demonic Rewards from the Krosmaster Arena 2.0 board game. All of the Beyond the Grave and OVA Pack figurines will also be available in-game.

A beta test will be set up in order to make sure that everything is running smoothly, and then all the fun of Krosmaster will be yours to enjoy wherever you like on PC, Mac or tablet!

Wild Realms coming out in October


After whetting your appetite this summer, Wild Realms will finally be opening its doors this fall: the season is set to start this October worldwide. Besides the 16 figurines in this season's blind box, you'll also be able to get your hands on the Missiz Burnzz and Emperor Jellix promotional figurines.

That should be enough to keep you warm all season long!

First Ankama intervention

Replying to GrimackReapum

I should have more info about it next week. 

See message in context
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Aw yeah! Looking forward to this!

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Yeah, that´s Nice News !

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September starts in a week. That makes three weeks or less to begin the beta test (however you're handling it) probably patching the game a few times, announcing the release date and releasing the update.
How short is the beta test gonna be? And you can't even give a day for the start of the beta yet?
I can get that you're not making a over-cautious release date, to not prolong it even further, but with the beta not even having a starting date, i can't believe 'first half of September'. Earliest mid September.
And all of that after this long time..

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We couldn't give a date, as we depend on some technical aspect, but as soon as we can put it online, we will. The actual release date will depend on how smmothly the beta goes. 

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And Linux????

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Any news yet on how the ova pack with no codes will be handled?

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I should have more info about it next week. 

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I really hope Krosmaster Arena online get revived sad, it is the only memories left of Dofus Arena for me.

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Good news, Julith + Cap exploiters days are numbered.

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Great to see such care being taken for the new English releases. But this all makes me feel like S4 krosmasters, maps and 3D tokens / Wakfu expansion pack and the eternal deck have all been skipped over, as I've yet to see any of them reach Australian shores, and the few I saw in the US have sold out.

Are we going to see any / all of these up in the Ankama shop anytime in the future?

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Where i can Join the Beat?

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The Beta will be announced shortly. It will probably take the form of a separate client to download. Keep watching the forums and you'll see it. smile

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I'll believe it when it happens

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aleluia, ja tava na hora de da uma atencao pros jogadores do online tb. acredito q o jogo perdeu muitos iniciantes e jogadores bons pelo o abandono da propria ankama. agora vamos la ver se consertam a merda do online na qual ja era p ter ajeitado a tempos. ja nao basta manda tudo atrasado para o Brasil ainda temos q fica sem joga o online porq esta muito desatualizado.

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Aleluia amém

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So we still don't have English versions of the OVA pack or the Eternal Deck.
And now we're told the Online version will be out in 3 or less weeks, and the Wild Season in 9 or less weeks?
I will begin holding my breath immediately in eager antici........................................................................................................................................................................................................... pation.

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September is here. Silence?

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Quick update regarding the online game: as we have suffered from infrastructural mishaps (which made the deployment of the beta server difficult), we could not offer you the online beta this week. 

However, we're doing our best so that the beta will be accessible next week for all of you. Thank you for your patience. 

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it's next week already?

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More updates like this please. Honesty is best. Bad news is better than silence. Thanks for the update.

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We are eagerly anticipating the update (and beta).  Any news on how the OVA-6-pack will be integrated with codes? I've been holding on to the packaging just for this reason but still don't see how you guys will make it work. (Can't wait to use my Maskemane with his three masks)

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Just an educated guess, but the new version of the game will have to be profitable (at the very least at a self-sustaining level), so it's more than likely that new figurines, starting from the OAV pack will have to either be bought online or slowly farmed in-game. The current economic model is partly responsible for not bringing enough cash and resulting in an abandoned game.
Sure, it kinda sucks to know you won't get access to the figurines as easily as you used to, but let's be real for a moment, most people I know would rather have a living game than a free (but dead) game.

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