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OVA Pack: The Heroes

By [Dewit] - ANKAMA - February 14, 2017, 16:00:00
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The new OVA Pack contains 6 Krosmasters taken directly from the Wakfu series. Today, we reveal to you everything about one of the sides taking part in this animated battle!  

If you're a diehard fan of the Wakfu series, you probably remember the 3 OAV episodes retelling the hunt for the Eliatrope Dofus. The second episode in particular doubtlessly attracted the attention of veteran Krosmaster players: two teams, made up of famous names from the present and legends from the past, confront each other, with limited time, on a field divided into squares…

Of course, we couldn't pass up such an opportunity, and so it's with pleasure that we present you with the OVA Pack, inspired by this special episode of the series! A new selection of 6 unique Krosmasters in a single box, which will flesh out your collection quite nicely.

In order to reproduce this classic battle, we've made sure that two teams of 12 points can be assembled with the Krosmasters taken from these episodes. Today, we're going to focus on the team of heroes and meet the new characters that will soon make their appearance on your game boards.
The first two members of the team, you doubtless already know…


That would be Grampy – Merchant and Joris – Master, two promotional figurines* distributed since 2016. By combining them with two other heroes from the OVA pack, you can recreate a team identical to the one that you saw in the episode.


Then there's Kerub's unlucky and bald brother, Atcham. Well, it might be rash to call him unlucky: his power lets him tip the balance slightly in his favor in a difficult fight…


Finally, here comes Yugo, in a new version called "Exalted". With his considerable powers, he'll be able to change the configuration of the battlefield by moving around his allies as well as his enemies. Whether or not he's accompanied by his friends from the Brotherhood, he'll know how to carve his place in the arena! 
But what would a team of heroes be without bad guys to clobber? Next time, we'll take a look at the other side of this epic battle…


 * These figurines are not provided in the OVA Pack, but are distributed at tournaments or during Krosmaster events.

First Ankama intervention

Woops! My bad! I had the English cards but forgot to change them in the news. This has been fixed. smile

See message in context
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Why the cards are in French? sad

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Score : 701

because theyll never get a English release anyways

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Woops! My bad! I had the English cards but forgot to change them in the news. This has been fixed. smile

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Those are looking really good, specially as I love some board manipulation.

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Cool!!! And what s about online update?

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Can't wait!

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Is this pack on sales from Ankama Shop Online? Is there the option to buy a version with English cards into the pack (or maybe cards are multi-language like in Grampy-Shopkeeper promo?) directly from Ankama Shop Online? I need an answer, please.

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I want to know too.

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The pack has not been released yet. And most likely will contain cards in one language as all other six-figure packs did before.

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These are some very good characters, I am estatic to try Yugo-exalted+ Percedal+ Evangeline + 2x moe Lawr. it would be a very good team

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I also can't wait to see Emma sacre + Yugo exalted+ Evangeline+ grougraloragran now that we know that the online game WILL be updated

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Hey look at this thread!!!     So a year later....still no English OVA packs..... Any news?

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