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Anathar and Justice Knight?

By Goggle-Hat October 08, 2016, 22:12:02

Can anyone tell me when the Anathar and Justice Knight pack will be released? They're kinda the reason why I started playing this game and I'm very anxious to get them.

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That Duel Pack is on an indefinite hiatus due to some issues between Ankama and the factory which was in charge of making the figurines.

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Is there any idea when the hiatus may end?

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No, unfortunately not.

Anyway, should it end, Ankama would make it known as soon as possible.

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Who do i need to bribe to get my hands on Anathar? The only figurine i want and cant get my hands on. (Well, if they ever made a Miranda figurine... THen i would want that as well, imaging fun KABROOOK tactic/spell on the board.)

If its a lost case with the old fabric, then release the 3D schematic and let us print the figurine ourself? Gief gief gief

Humpty Bumpy, lets get this to the top of the bot spam chart for some clarity, hopefully smile

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