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Time for Change?

By GinjaaNinjaa September 30, 2016, 03:40:20

So has Ankama decided to completely abandon the online players?

This is a serious question.

I've tried to remain impartial in hopes that 2.0 rules and rewards were coming soon. But slowly I've had to watch the player base dwindle more and more every month as the meta gets flooded with more and more Juilth + Anything teams. I for one am totally "over" playing against this degenerate state of the game. And judging by the 30 minute waits that never result in a match these days, so is everyone else.

Obviously figures like Julith and Bakara where never meant to have access to the old 1.0 rewards. This has had a measurable impact on the online game experience and player base. Unless something is done to address the terrible state the game is in I don't see it recovering anytime soo, if at all. This used to be a pretty active forum and game, but now, it's mostly just silence and Julith + 1.0

Please Ankama, I implore you. Send a little help our way or the online game is in trouble. I know Krosmaga is your new baby and all, but you need to pay attention to what is happening with your other games as well and send your programmer over to finish 2.0 and upload it.

We don't expect Season 4 figures right away obviously, but 2.0 rules and demonic rewards need to happen asap. If you simply don't have the man-power to get 2.0 online then you need to do the responsible thing and temporarily remove 2.0 figures from the online roster.

Even if introducing 2.0 figures prematurely was a bad idea, the time for an update is far, FAR overdue anyways. Time for some changes guys. Help us remember why we love this game.

Ps: Don't even get me started on the degenerate teams of Julith + Captain.

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I understand that you desire to see the game evolve, but it is simply not possible at the time being. Our team is very busy on Krosmaga, we're doing crunch actually, and they have very little time to give to Krosmaster. (It's not simply a question to change a few things that could be done in a lunch break, far from it actually.)

We have not abandoned the game, but we're currently unable to update it. While I understand your impatient, and wish nothing more that having a new update on the game, we will have to wait a bit more.

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This is not impatience for 2.0 rules and rewards. It is frustration with the terrible state Ankama left the game in before shifting focus to another project.

2.0 figures have taken over the online game and they are extremely unbalanced when paired with 1.0 rewards. In there lies the frustration. Like I said if Ankama truly does not have the time to spare which sounds like the case, then that's fine. Just disable the 2.0 figures from the team list.

When Dark Vlad was bugged and broken Ankama stepped in and removed him from the list until he could be fixed. If it can be done for Vlad, then it stands to reason that it can be done for others. Perhaps even that takes time Ankama does not have, I have no idea. My hope is that it's a simple thing.

For what it is worth, I understand Ankama's situation.Crunch is no fun. But the reality of the online scene can not be denied. You HAVE lost hundreds of players. Just bare that in mind. If nothing is done at all until Krosmaga ships, Ankama may discover that in their absence they have lost most if not their entire player base online. New players may trickle in, but it is not likely to be the numbers it once was before 2.0 figures for quite awhile.

Remember the dark days of Nox + 2x Klor Ofil? That's this.

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I completely agree with GinjaNinjaa.

We endured with a lot of patience; few players tried to give their support to deaf ears into Ankama.

Our passions and efforts utterly ended against a sort of invisible wall that produced this sort of limbo where Krosmaster (both online than in real) fluctuates without a clear direction.

We are aware, thanks to your communications, of the hard and difficult period, and why things gone in a not pleasing way (for all, both us and you). Time has come. Signals must be given. Trust should be returned. Players must feel Ankama on their side!

No more talking, no more excuses. Just facts.

The online seems to be abandoned to itself, with unfair players abusing of the "bugs" allowed by this transition rules.

The real game lacks in local tournaments, for many reasons (big delays between new products mainly), and a sort of hidden sense of abandon... Due to things that doesn't change.

Ankama should make it's voice crystal clear heared by their players/customers. Show the crowd what you can do! We are all waiting for it... Just don't take Too much time, because we are tired of waiting.

Have a nice game! Matt.

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Meh. I've stopped playing online because the bosslist changes were not implemented and the dice algorithm is just bad.

not to mention not being able to find a game in 5 minutes.

I get it, Krosmaga is Tot's pet project, but this is just poor customer support.

So no more online KMA for me, gonna wait till physical 2.0 hit the shelves and continue to play in local tourneys (most of which btw are organized better than Worlds this year).

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I'll throw my voice in on this one as well.

Way back in June, I decided to take a break from Krosmaster Arena Online until the 2.0 rules hit. I needed a break from the game to stop from getting burnt out on it and I, too, was starting to become frustrated by how certain characters combined with the 1.0 rules. At the time, there was perhaps a month or two before 2.0 was released in France and I expected the online rules to be updated close to its release.

Fast forward 4 months. The 2.0 release has come and gone. The boss list has been updated. Krosmaster online has bled players and there are still no updates in sight. The Krosmaster team has all been diverted to work on Krosmaga. You say that they are in crunch time right now, but that does nothing to reassure me that Krosmaster changes are near. Crunch time means little considerable is given to other things. it means that, for their own health, the developers should take vacations and breaks once it's complete. It means that even if they don't take those no doubt desperately needed vacations, they will become more burnt out and take longer than they otherwise would to produce what may be an inferior product.

It also means that it will take a long time to shift paradigms back to Krosmaster. That even in the absence of all of the above, a significant time investment will be needed simple to reach a level where development is flowing smoothly, at an acceptable speed for everyone involved.

Worse still, a break from Krosmaster Online is, for me, effectively a break from the game as a whole. There is no local support for this game. Few shops carry it as a product and there are no tournaments, advertisements or any real effort by the distributors to actually distribute it. I don't live in a small town either, but in one of the largest in the Country, so I imagine the situation is only that much worse for most other Canadian Fans.

Frankly, there are a lot of unacceptable things about Krosmaster right now. It is unacceptable that there is not a single dedicated developer to Krosmaster online. It is unacceptable that it has been neglected for so long in favour of newer things and that we only discovered that neglect when Ankama was directly confronted about its side-effects. It is unacceptable how the game has been handled in NA and it is unacceptable that the people here, some of the most vocal and passionate supporters of this game, so often have their voices go unheard.

Hell, were I in Ankama's shoe's, I would find the public and avoidable decay of Krosmaster Online's player base as unacceptable as well.

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I realize, [Dewit], that these things are likely beyond your abilities to effect. I am sorry for having to subject you to all this. But as the sole means of communications between Ankama and myself, I have little choice but to do so if I want a chance at being heard.

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If nothing else Ankama, I ask you this.

If how you handle Krosmaster in your absence is any indication then what are future fans of Krosmaga supposed to think?

Should people start playing and putting money into your new game Krosmaga if we know Ankama is capable of leaving it in a similar broken state because they have moved onto the next "new" project?

I was really excited about Krosmaga, but if the repeated answer to your loyal fan base is "we can do nothing" when things are broken, my interest in your next product is zero.

How can you expect to garner interest and support from your fans for your new and old games if you do not show your own interest and support for your fans in return?

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Hey, I'd like to chime in.

There are what? About 150 different Krosmasters to choose from. The core mechanics to the game are awesome, both the live figures and the digital animations of the same are beautiful. The game should not be stagnating, and getting boring for people. But clearly it is.

The problem has been what it always has been - OP demonic rewards and poor figure balance. (Both easily correctable problems.) They've already fixed the demonic rewards, they just haven't been released on the on-line version, but they have not addressed figure balance.

Some people might think that the OP demonic rewards is the only is not. The OP demonic rewards cause two problems:

1) They by themselves can mean the difference between winning and losing. Which OP DR's come up on your turn can turn an otherwise close match into a "you got lucky on DRs win". And too many games are swung by powerful DR's coming up for one team and not the other.

2) DR's magnify balance problems in the game, they don't fix balance problems. People by nature will try to win, and the formula for winning is: Take the best team possible, and try to get it the best DR's possible. But the OP nature of about 2-3 dozen figures is going to be a problem even when the DR's are toned down. In fact, I think incorrectly some people are going to assume that the "Fix" for the DR's will make things worse. And here's why: A good DR pull with the broken DR's can cause a slightly weaker team to get the upper hand over a slightly stronger team. If the DR's make less difference in the outcome of the game, they won't be able to "Pull up a weaker team", to get wins as well, so consequently it will be entirely possible, and I say probable, that FEWER figures will be competitive with the new fixed DR's than are competitive with the current broken DR's. And that is not to say that fixing the DR's is a bad thing, it is not. It's a good thing, but it may magnify the problem that we have a handful of OP figures that are keeping the other figures from being played.

The solution as always is: "Fix the actual problem", don't alter other things like the DR's, the boss list, or change game mechanics to try to compensate for it. The beautiful part of this game is: The figures can easily be changed.....the on line game just involves changing a few bits in most cases. And the Live version involves printing new cards. (which is relatively cheap....and people will actually pay for the fix, so it could actually be profitable for the company to print a fix. You've got the on-line game, so you've got plenty of data on which figures get played more often, and which figures win most often. You could tweak the on-line game until figure play and win percentages are balanced then release the updated cards. I know you guys have dug your heals in and said you refuse to fix that. But that decision was made a couple years ago, and given the fall off in popularity of the on-line game, I think it would be wise to reconsider that stance. The figures are not well balanced...years of tournament data confirms this.

And this should be alarming from a business perspective: with limited numbers of figures being "Competitive" it makes the game harder for new players to compete. "New players" is ultra-critical.

Please rethink that decision. This game has wonderful.....everything.....except figure balance making for repetitive teams and figures dominating play, boring old players, and driving new players away. With this many figures there should be massive variety, and there is not.

Follow League of Legend's model - They constantly tweak their figures to make sure all characters are competitive. Just like you, they have the data....and they use it to determine which figures need boosting, or nerfing. And LOL is going strong. Krosmasters has a wider variety of figures, and yet, a lower variety are being used.

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It's a pity to see how few players Krosmaster has. The game has been quite quiet for a long time. The upcoming launch of only 16 miniatures is not going to make it resurge. The onlime game launch was great (even so I liked the previous one), but it also needed new material to keep players on it and incorporate new ones. Now it's going to be difficult to return to the number of players we have on the season 2.

Related with this, there is another thing that has caused less players on the online game. There was an update that left Windows XP out of the available systems, that made no sense. It worked well before the update and the update didn't bring any new feature that explained why leave XP out. That sum up to the issue that in most Android tablets it doesn't work.

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I only just started playing and I can agree in full with all of these. I also know that I will never play Krosmaga, because I'm honestly sick of freemium CCGs I'm sticking with Krosmaster, but there has to be better service or else I may just give up on Ankama all together.

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