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Map creation contest: all entries

By [Dewit] - ANKAMA - August 22, 2016, 16:00:00

Hello everyone!

On this topic, you will post your entries for the Map creation contest. You can read all the rules about the contest here.

Bear in mind that all entries must be written in English in order to be considered legal for the contest. If you seek advice for translating or balancing your creation, please refer to this topic where you can ask other players to help you.

Don't use this topic to discuss or correct maps. This is only for the contestants to submit their entries, other messages will be moderated to keep it clean and easy to read. Use the "help" topic for any other discussions.

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Hi ! It's my map : Click here

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Score : 149
Zobal's Village
Click here

Special Rule:
There are a set of three zobal's masks in every marked squares in red. Each time a Krosmaster walks on those squares the player throws a Dice and that particular Krosmaster obtains a immediate boost: if the result is "Lock" or "Armour" the Krosmaster obtains a +1PA, if the result is "Dodge" or "Dodge/Critical Hit" the Krosmaster obtains a +1PM, if the result is "Critical Hit" or "Dofus" the Krosmaster obtains a +1 Elemental Damage in its next spell.
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Hi!! my map
Click here

bag of kamas = Bushes
Chest of kamas = Trees

Special Rules:

baby Drhellzertank...(perforatroz for me xD)
Tunnel: costs 3 PM and 5 PA. Moves the figure to another perforatroz.

Kamas machine: All turn place a Kama in the kamas machine. With four kamas restarts and start again whit one kama
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Score : 2

My map : RAID is dead !

* Scenery :
- 2 Blue rigns are 2 "Gate Zaap" (A Gate Zaap block Lines of Sight, it is Unfazed and a cell occupied),
- 8 trees,
- 8 bushes,
- 4 crates,
- 36 Kamas.

* Special rule : Each Krosmaster know the spell "Zaap"

* The spell "Zaap" :

Range : Close combat spell
Name : Zaap
Cost : 1 MP
Type Spell : Special spell
Effect : If the Krosmaster has more than 3 Kamas in his Reserve, and if the target is a "Gate Zaap", move this Krosmaster on a free cell adjacent of another "Gate Zaap". The Krosmaster loose 3 Kamas and all his MP.

Français :

* Décors :
- Les 2 Ronds Bleus sont 2 Portails Zaap (un Portail Zaap gên les lignes de vue, est insensible et occupe une case),
- 8 arbres,
- 8 buissons,
- 4 caisses,
- 36 Kamas

* Règle : Tous les krosmaster possèdent le sort "Zaap"

* Le sort "Zaap" :

Porté : corps à corps
Nom : Zaap
Coût du sort : 1PM
Type de sort : Sort Spécial
Effet : Si le Krosmaster à 3 Kamas ou plus dans son stock et si la cible est un "Portail Zaap", déplace le Krosmaster sur une case libre adjacente à un autre "Portail Zaap". Le Krosmaster perd 3 kamas et tous ses PM.

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Score : 30

Hello Every Body,

This is my Map (Kamasutar's Island):

Map Characteristics:
- 34 Kamas
- 4 Demonic Cases
- 6 Trees
- 4 Bushes
- 4 Drhellers

Special Rule (The Drhellers):
The Drhellers are new decorative elements. They do not obstruct the line of sight, but the cell they occupy is not free.
A Krosmaster adjacent to a Drheller can cast the following spells: "Go Find" and "Out the Kamas"

- Go Find: is a melee spell costing 3PA and has the effect of push back the targeted Drheller of 3 cells. However, Drheller will stop if it is blocked by an obstacle (Character or decoration). It will also stop on the first cell containing at least one Kama on which it is moved; in this case, move a Kama this check on the cell of Drheller.

- Out the Kamas: is a melee spell costing 1PA and which has the effect of taking a Kama kept by the Drheller and add it to your pool.


French version:

- 34 Kamas
- 4 Cases démoniaque
- 6 Arbres
- 4 Buissons
- 4 Phoreurs

Règle spéciale (Les Phoreurs):
Les Phoreurs sont de nouveaux éléments de décors. Ils ne gênent pas la ligne de vue mais sont des obstacles (la case qu'ils occupent n'est pas libre).
Un Krosmaster adjacent à un Phoreur peux lancer les sorts suivants: "Va chercher" et "Par ici les Kamas".

- Va Chercher: est un sort de corps à corps coûtant 3PA et qui a pour effet de repousser le Phoreur ciblé de 3 cases. Cependant, le Phoreur s'arrêtera si il est bloqué par un obstacle (Personnage ou décor). Il s'arrêtera également sur la première case contenant au moins un Kama sur laquelle il est déplacé; dans ce cas, déplacez un Kama de cette case sur le socle du Phoreur.

- Par ici les Kamas: est un sort de corps à corps coûtant 1PA et qui a pour effet de prendre un Kama gardé par le Phoreur et l'ajouter à votre réserve.
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Score : 2

Helloooooooo !!!!
Here's my map (field of justice) :

Symmetrical and optimal map in both directions, with :
-42 kamas
-10 demon squares
-8 trees
-8 bushes and 4 boxes.

Spécial rule (red square) :
If four krosmasters allies are on the red square at the end of your turn, you win one GG and the opponent loses one GG (maximum one effect per turn).
If there's less than four krosmaster allies on the ground, the special rule is activated if all krosmaster of your team are in the red square.
A size advantage but beware of area spells.
Enjoy smile, swyyt

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Veredek : you have 2 different special rules for your maps, and the rules expressively calls for a maximum of 1 special rule. In this state, your maps aren't eligible for the contest.
Score : 278

Russian community has been working on this map and testing it for some time already.

During setup place Zzaps (portals) on Blue squares. Zzaps Block line of sight and cannot be moved through. Zzaps can not be used in the first turn (this is still playtested).
Every character, adjacent to a Zzap gets the following spell:

The idea was quite simple – everybody enjoys the Zzap mechanic provided by Adventure mode in Krosmaster Online and Krosmaster Quest on the one hand, and on the other Krosmaster: Arena is all about speed and maneuvers. The solution was simple – we need Zzaps in Arena, but they need to be balanced and shall allow only limited movement, thus came our Zzap spell which is one use per turn only and its range only allows to teleport to the same or one of the two nearest Zzaps.

Both positionings of the map allow different tactics while not heavily push-adjusted both of them have spots to block line of sight, gather kamas and the map is urging you to conflict and movement.

The tests showed that both ranged teams and melee teams feel good on the map and rapid movement, provided by the zzaps won't let players stall the game.

What we still playtest is wether to raise the cost of the Zzap spell or to not allow zzaps to be used on first turns of both players. Also not allowing bosses to use zaps is under consideration/
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Score : 2

Here is my map : Lucky Draw

Special rules :
Tricky, tricky little coin for you !
A red square is a Tricky coin.
At the beginning of its turn, if a character is on a Tricky coin, it must flip a coin. This action always cost 1 AP.
Depending of the outcome, you'll have a bonus or a penalization :
- heads : +2 kamas, +1 HP for this character
- tails : -2 HP for this character
There are no kamas on the floor of this map so Tricky coins are the main way to win them.

Commentary :
The positioning of the Tricky coins isn't only to remind a coin, but also to force confrontation as players will have to gather in the middle of the map to try to get kamas.
It's also a good opportunity for Retreat and Attract users to push their luck and try to heal their allies or to make their opponents lose more HP.
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Score : 2
This is my Wabbit Map :

These are big cawots
, these are small cawots
and these are small stone walls

At the beginning of the game, there are only big cawots and small stone walls on the map.

Special rules of the map :

* small stone walls are similar to wood boxes
* big cawots are similar to trees
* small cawots are similar to bushes
* every krosmaster on the map can use the spell "killewr fewrtilizewr"

spell "killewr fewrtilizewr" : cost 3 PA, when you're close to a big cawot, the spell create a magical hammer that buried the cawot and transform it in a small cawot (place a marker "small cawot" on the square).
When you're close to a small cawot, you have two choices :
- first : the spell create a magical hammer that entirely buried it and then destroy the small cawot, the square is now completely free of cawot for the rest of the game (place a neutral marker on the square )
-second : you can use this spell to accelerate the growth of it and then transform it to a big cawot. Place a marker "big cawot" on the square.

En français :
La carte contient des grandes cawottes, des petites cawottes et des petits murs de pierre.
Au début du combat, il n'y a que des grandes cawottes et des petits murs de pierre sur la map.
règles spéciales :
*les murs de pierres sont considérés comme des caisses
*les grandes cawottes sont des arbres
*les petites cawottes sont des buissons
*chaque krosmaster sur la map peut utiliser le sort "engwais qui tue"

sort "engwais qui tue" : coût 3 PA. Quand vous êtes à côté d'une grande cawotte, le sort crée un marteau magique qui enterre la cawotte et la transforme en petite cawotte (placer un marqueur petite cawotte sur la case).
Quand vous êtes à côté d'une petite cawotte, vous avez deux coix :
-premièrement : le sort crée un marteau magique qui enterre totalement la petite cawotte et la case devient totalement libre sans aucun marqueur cawotte (ni grande, ni petite) jusqu'à la fin du jeu (placer un marqueur neutre sur la case)
-deuxièmement :vous pouvez utiliser ce sort pour accélérer sa croissance et la transformer en grande cawotte. Placer alors un marqueur grande cawotte sur la case.
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Score : 44
Minotoror's Desert

In fact, this desertic map force players to move at center to drink at well, to buy items and to fight ! Strategic moving is needed to avoid cactus and opened vision area help melee combats. Yes, you can see only 8 starting points on each side !

Special rule

At the beginning of each KrosMaster turn, put a « Thirst Counter » on it.

At the beginning of each KrosMaster turn, if this KrosMaster already have 3 « Thirst Counters » on it, instead of getting a new one, it get a damage counter, a -1 MP counter and a -1 AP counter.

Cactus : Like Bush, KrosMasters cannot walk on it but can see and shot above.

: When a KrosMaster is beside a Well, it can use 1 AP to remove every « Thirst Counters » on it.
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Score : 2

Hi! my map is here.

It is a ruined foggernaut city.

Special Rules: Put a "Ruined turret" on every cross on the map. Ruined turrets are mechanisms with HP- AP- MP- with obstructive special rule (so yes they can be pushed and pulled appropriatelly). Besides that every Krosmaster gets the spell "Terraformation" range - melee, cost - 3 AP damage - none, text - push targeted ruined turret 2.

Optional rule: Every Ruined turret has 6 HP

So we get the first map where losblockers can be moved and that allows us to add some puzzle element to the game while players move turrets around to hide their teams and block passages to the opponent.
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Score : 333

"The Legend of Pots!"

When the Hours demons aren't forcing heroes from across time and space to fight for their amusement, you might be surprised to learn that they enjoy playing video games. Recently, some of the demons have become so obsessed with breaking all the pots in one of their games, that they decided it would be really funny to add them to the arena!

8 trees
8 bushes
6 shops
24 kama
20 pots

Pots are a new mechanism, similar to bombs. They can be pushed, pulled, or thrown. They are destroyed by dealing 1 dmg from an attack, or when casting "Potcham." POTS MAY ROLL ARMOR (just like bombs). Armor rolls are determined by the active player.

Why is the kama count so low?
24 might not seem like much at first, but don't worry, there are plenty of kamas just waiting to be released from their pottery prisons. So start smashin! Something unique about this map is that it doesn't give large teams as big of an advantage when kama farming. Lvl 1 characters can break pots, but if they spent all their AP, they're going to have to wait to collect whatever was inside.

Where are the crates?
So you want to boost up your Krosmasters range! No worries, this is no problem if you find some +1 range tokens. So, you guessed it, start smashin!

Can one pot break another pot?
YES! This is a great way to break pots quickly and farm more tokens. If the targeted pot does not move, but is still K.O.d then 2 tokens will spawn on the same space.

The pot rolled armor! Why does Ecaflip hate me? sad
Ouch, that sucks. Try praying to Ecaflip and asking for his favor and try again!

Does Kerubim's power "Ecaflip's Second Chance" apply to spawning tokens?
Unfortunately no. Kerubim is not rolling for Critical/Armor/Dodge/Lock when you roll to determine the token spawned, so his power will not activate if you do not achieve your desired result.
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Score : 2

Hi, this is my participation to the contest ^^ !

This is my map : Demonic Field

Special rule:
To use any demon cell, you need to have at least one krosmaster of your team on a red case. If not, you can’t use any demon cell to buy a GG or any demonic reward.


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Score : 93

In History ...
... During the last phase of their training, also a Xelor mage, have to pass one Night alone on a swamp.
They have to try to stay alive!

map name : THE SWAMP

*** Special Rule ***

Moving from TAR cell to an other costs 2 PM (not one)

Spell/Movement effect terminate inside TAR permitted

Spell/Movement effect from TAR not permitted

f.a.q. captain amakna cast kikmaster, terminate the movement inside the first TAR cell

other little data in planning phase DATA :

pit =36fog = 34brush in middle = 36THE SWAMP = 38 (To balance the slowessness of the tar)

fog = 26 special + 4 plant + 6 brushlava = 8 lava + 8 plant + 8 brushTHE SWAMP = 34 special + 8 plant + 6 brush

we decide to create the push in the bridge to becam fast with one part of a map

special thanks to " Xelor in Black " TEAM to partecipate to planning and testing

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Score : 17

The Frozen Bridge

6 Tree
8 Geysers
4 Ice Cube
4 Big Ice Cube
36 Kamas
6 Demoniac Cell

You can climb on with the ICE CUBE.
When you are on, you win immediately GIANT (GIANT: You immediately win 2 OP and all the elements don't have the annoying ability, but every body can touch you unhindered by a tree or a krosmaster)
Vous pouvez grimper dessus depuis un ICE CUBE.
Quand vous êtes dessus, vous gagnez immédiatement la capacité GIANT (GIANT : Vous gagnez immédiatement 2 PO et tout les décors n'ont plus le pouvoir GÊNANT, mais tout le monde peut vous atteindre sans être gêné par un arbre ou un krosmaster)


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Score : 39

Hi !

That is my map : The Factory.

Map characteristics :

- 32 kamas

- 8 trees

- 6 bushes

- 4 demonic cases

- 4 treadmill cases

Special rules :

The tradmill

Before the start of the game, each player, in the initiativ order, place a tradmill in the direction he want on tradmill cases (blue cases on this map). They do that as many time as they need to complete all tradmill cases.

(Tradmill direction)

Tradmill cases : If a Krosmaster end his turn on a tradmill case, he is push of 2 cases in the direction of the tradmill.

The theme of this map is a factory with treadmill but it could be desert with sandstorm or an other theme so don't look at that ^^.

(I can't show pictures so i share the link and i hope our best community manager will help me biggrin)

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Score : 3


A) Orange area is the temple

cool The four boxes it is the altar

When a Krosmaster with unique power ( for examples Krobust of merkator , or Goultarminator of Gouldtar ) enter voluntary/involuntary or begins the turn in the temple, these unique power remain annulled up to the next turn of this Krosmaster.

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Score : 17


My map to the contest smile

> Name of the map : Katapult
---- Rule of the map : The blue cells with the drawing of a spiral represent "katapult".

They can throw at 2 squares straight line a krosmaster that is on the cell. To use katapult you have to pay 3 Kamas order to cast the spell "katapult"
> Spell description :
---- Name of the spell : Katapult
---- Cost: 3 Kamas
---- Orientation: straight line, unchangeable, 2 cells further from katapulte

The map :


version FR : Click here

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