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Spoiler Cemetery Park: Lord Crow

By [Dewit] - ANKAMA - August 17, 2016, 16:00:00

Dark, sinister and flocking with his black birds, Lord Crow flies into Cemetery Park! But that’s not the first time he has been showing his feathers in the Krosmoz…

Lord Crow, an erudite and sorcerer with the power to command to crobaks, is usually known for his striking looks: long robes, black-feathered wings, and a scythe. A vision which adventurers of the Krosmoz are familiar with since… since… oh my, quite a bit of time actually! Let’s have a look back to his previous apparitions before meeting his latest Krosmaster incarnation.


Lord Crow has been present in the Dofus online game since its infancy. In 2005, he was already one of the first world boss: he would appear at irregular intervals on a specific map located between Bonta and Brakmar. Players from that time had to be patient (and well-equipped) to defeat him in combat.

In 2006, his lair was upgraded to a fully-fledged dungeon, the Lord Crow’s Library, in which he still lives today. Adventurers can find different species of his favorite bird (including one disguised as a fox!) in this maze-like library, hoping to find their master who could hide in any room.

He also made appearances in different Ankama games. In 2009, he was part of Wakfu TCG’s first expansion, Incarnam. His card was quite popular, as AP represented the number of cards in hand in this game. Making your opponent lose 4 AP was a very efficient way to take control of the game!

He hid himself in Dofus Battles, Ankama’s first foray in the mobile game world. He would only appear if the player was able to survive long enough in the Arena; you had to be pretty good to even meet him!

And we cannot leave without mentioning his apparitions in book form: he got his own dedicated section in the Dofus Artbook 3 (2007), and was an antagonist in the third volume of the Pandala comic-book (2011), where he was the ruthless guardian of a sought-after fountain of youth.

And finally, he’s ready to make his way into Krosmaster! One thing for sure, he won’t stand out with all those skeletons and ghostly creatures of this season: he looks just the part…


Since we’re almost running out of Krosmasters to spoil, there’s no community vote this time. But keep your eyes peeled, there’s still a couple of characters to discover…


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Bit of a disappointment here... I had hoped higher level or at least a more interesting power. With him being a boss, we can't even combine him with black crow for some real feather tornado...

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Thanks to the gods he can't be combined with Black Crow!
A part that his power would reduce the range to 1-1 or 4-4 if combined with Black Crow, it woud be just a strong melee beater while he is a very good field controller.

Stop thinking about power play, and start thinking more about sinergies. smile
Combined with Hazwonarm he become a 4MP 8AP machine, able to create 2 Crobaks per turn; it's more a control piece than a beater, and with Initiative 7 (and 2 Crobaks that act immediatly after him), the board control is very effective.

Add that, differently from Black Crow, this Chafer can create Crobaks even targeting enemies summoned creatures (the additional effect says "opposing character"); Black Crow can summon Crobaks just targeting an opposing Krosmaster... There is a huge difference. wink

I like Lord Crow in this incarnation, because it is a very interesting piece.
Paired with Persee Phore we can do GREAT things, and counting the Enutrof, Lord Crow and Hazwonarm we filled just 7 total levels; we have got other 5 levels to use for the team... I think that it is a good thing for team building.

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Now that you reminded me ankama, anyone got a copy of the Wakfu tcg incarnam set to sell?

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Typo in his description! It should be "Quoth", not "Qouth".

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Also, it was a fox disguised as a crow, not a crow disguised as a fox.

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