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Spoiler Cemetery Park: Chafer Foot Soldier

By [Dewit] - ANKAMA - August 03, 2016, 12:00:00

A skeleton like many others with a rather peculiar story behind him… Today’s new Cemetery Park spoiler is called the Chafer Foot Soldier!

You don’t get much more Chafer-y than this Chafer! A solid soldier with a sturdy equipment, this is the kind of stuff armies are made of. But isn’t its face… err, its cranium familiar to you? I feel like I’ve seen it before…

That’s right, this Chafer is actually older than it looks! Its origins go back to the early day of the game. The first expansion in development was then nicknamed Chafer Winter and would showcase the creatures of the Krosmoz, with a new Krosmaster type (Monsters) and Moon as its herald. However, with time and development, the expansion slowly mutated, the star Krosmaster changed into a slightly insane Xelor, and the final product was the Frigost expansion you’ve probably heard about by now.

At this point, the Chafer was scheduled to be released after Chafer Winter, so a 3D model was created. Then, it got moved into another project: a partnership another company, who would then release monsters and color-swapped versions of existing Krosmasters. That idea never came to fruition, and once more, the Chafer was shelved…

Let’s now jump several years in the future, when season 3 and 4 were first designed. The “monster” theme was once more brought up, and was approved for good this time! Moon got a new design and got integrated into Season 3, while the Chafer was used as a basis to create the entire Chafer family. It traded its spear for a sword and shield, and after years of waiting, it’s finally ready to see the light of the day!  


The morale of this story? Just because an idea doesn’t get off the ground the first time doesn’t mean it will never work. Many more unreleased Krosmaster projects are still waiting for their turn to shine!



Players, vote!


After each spoiler on the official website, players have the opportunity to vote for the next figurine to be revealed. This time, however, there’s a slight change in the formula: there will be 4 Krosmasters to vote for, and the top two will be revealed first!

Go on this page and select your favorites: the Invisible Chafer, the Chafer Lancer, the Skidmonk or the Felonious Monk!  

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Score : 842
So only characters with initiative of 3, 2, 1 and 0 can receive critical from him. Thank goodness it's non-Boss only. Right Merk? Right..
Score : 676
We've already seen Anna 2.0. This Chafer feels a lot like Coa 2.0, now with less damage.

It makes me wonder if Ankama laying the ground work for a set rotation after all.
Score : 124
If he's last in line, the first character will get the power next turn?
Score : 676
AluisioCSantos|2016-08-03 23:23:26
If he's last in line, the first character will get the power next turn?

I'm pretty sure it was determined with the last Chafer that it doesn't wrap around once it drops off the Initiative order.
As I said here:

Imagine the end of your timeline is like this: Chafer archer, Quentin, Royal Gobball, Kivin.

1) When the Chafer dies, the first character after him is Quentin, which gets the +1 range.

2) Now Quentin dies. The next character on the timeline is the Royal Gobball, but since he's a Boss, he can't receive the bonus. So we "skip" him and look for the next eligible character, which is Kivin. Kivin gets the bonus.

3) And then Kivin dies (somehow you haven't lost the game yet). Since there are no more characters that are both after the Chafer on the timeline and not a Boss, the power can't be applied to anyone. It doesn't "loop" back to the beginning of the timeline.

The same rules apply to this chafer. And any other chafer with a similarly-working power. smile
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