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Krosmaster Quest Expansion

By Psychopomp November 24, 2015, 21:33:50

I know it is a bit premature to talk about Quest expansions with the core game being MIA but assuming it does make its way into the hands of customers and it does well enough to entice Ankama to look into themed monster packs is there any little beastie you'd like to see make its way into the Krosmaster world? My personal pick would probably be a Jellies. I've always liked slime monsters from rpg's

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I think a Zeppelantern Dungeon expansion would be awesome. There are some interesting mechanics that could be done with the Hoodlums.

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Rushu ?
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Actually, Quest mechanics are so much flexible that you could come up with your own array of mobs (creating layouts, printing and glueing them to cardboard a-la Art Attack) and stories. For example, together with a Wakfu fan friend i plan to do a "Vampyro Campaign", implementing Buffed Ghouls, Bats and so on as mobs while also adding a bit more flavour to the board to become more like Vampyro's actual Dungeon in the Wakfu MMORPG, like being pushed on an edge/obstacle does additional damage

I would also like to come up with something similar centered around Count Harebourg, since his battle in the Dofus MMORPG is beyond brain-seizuring :p
it they go well, we might share everyting for all to enjoy... if time permits us, of course

Until official expansions eventully come up, fantasy literally is the the limit

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I want Shushus for a thematic campaing too.
Obviously players should use just Level 6 characters to fight (Goultard is a must), and the power level will be higher than the standard game...

IOOOOOOP! biggrin

Anyway, as said in the Rule Book and by Serenaso, fantasy is the only limit!

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Una pregunta alguien tiene el manual de reglas básicas del juego krosmaster quest, recibí las mías mitad castellano y mitad inglés... Y no domino el inglés.... Por favor necesito hacerme con una copia del manual de juego para poder jugar

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