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Add my figurines to My collection

By January 30, 2014, 14:03:29

So, I just bought Krosmaster: Arena and 7 of the booster packs (the other one wasn't available sad ) so how do I add them to my figurine collection here. My next step will be figuring out how to start online play.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello there, welcome aboard the Krosmaster ship! smile

In every box, there should be a code printed somewhere. It's printed on the manual for the starter box, and on the mini-maps in the expansions (where the rules are printed). See them? Good. Now, go on our homepage and locate the little purple text box on the right, that says "Enter your Krosmaster code here"; you can also find it under the tabs Online Game, then Enter your code.

Redeem each of your codes by inputting it there. Be careful not to mistake O for 0 and I for 1! Every time, it should direct you to a page where the content that has been added to your account is shown. Hit back and enter your next code.

Once you have redeemed all your figurines, simply log in the game, either by pressing the big yellow button on our homepage, go to the Online Game - Play Krosmaster Arena! tabs, or simply follow this link. There's also a tutorial on how to play the online version, you should check it out.

And there you have it. Happy gaming! wink 

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Just so I understand... the figurines I buy IRL will then add to my online collection AND my Figurine Game collection? I bought my Arena: from a BGG auction I'm sure hoping that code will still work.

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Yes, they will add to both. All your collections are linked to your Ankama account. Once a figurine is there, it will be available for every Krosmaster-related activity you will do with that account.

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What the actual f? That box doen't even exist

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I also am not able to add new codes. After selecting “enter your code” the link does not work. Is this feature still available? I would like to try the online gameplay and enter my collection. Thank you!

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Just bought Krosmaster Arena 2.0 the boardgame, but i can-t redeem the code from the box to play with my figurines online, the code on the back off the box, i should redeem the code in a purple box i -ve read on the forum but there is no purple box and when i click on the figurines page on your links, 404 error happens  

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Guys, the online version of Krosmaster Arena is down. I believe the game was moved to Board Game Arena, but the codes are now unredeemable.

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