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A wild Community Manager appears!

By [Dewit] - ANKAMA - December 20, 2013, 12:32:52
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Hello everyone! I'm [Dewit], and I will be your new Community Manager, starting today.

Communication has been lackluster on these forums for quite some time, and we would like to apologize for this fact. Up until today, Community Managers from other Ankama products (and [Lakha], our lead for Krosmaster online) were managing the communication on this website, but they were pretty busy with their own obligations. As a result, they could not spend the required time on Krosmaster to maintain a steady stream of news.

But fear not! I, on the other hand, was appointed exclusively to Krosmaster, in its physical and online forms, for the French and English-speaking communities. I shall dedicate myself entirely to this task, and you will soon learn much more about the game than ever before.

My role, as you may have guessed, will be to bring you fresh news and information about the game. It will be tailor-made for the international community, so you won't be flooded with French news that you can do nothing about.

Shortly, we will revive the official Facebook page, and create new Google+ group and Twitter feed. This will allow you to follow the news about your favorite game, whatever may be your favorite social media. We will get back to you when the pages are up and ready.

I will be in charge of the forum's moderation, until we have recruited a new team for this specific task. Don't hesitate to report any posts that are infringing the rules, so I can clean up and keep this forum a nice and welcoming place.

Finally, and probably most importantly, I will be your direct link to the developers. If you have any questions about Krosmaster, or any needs that require our attention, my Ankabox is open to your messages any day (that's the little envelope on the top right of your screen, next to your account settings). I will respond to you as quickly as I can.

We are bound to meet each other frequently over here, see you soon on the forums!

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That's good to know we will have someone to communicate with. I was worried for a bit.

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Welcome and pleasure to meet you. Cant wait to see what Ankama has in store for krosmaster in the upcoming year.

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This is epic, I'm happy that krosmaster is being taken more seriously outside of France! Can't wait to participate in IRL tournaments, and get my krosmaster membership card smile 

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Tell us how the English crowd are going to get the Multimen/Kerub figurines online!

We never got a patch in Wakfu or Dofus for them. sad 

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axemangx: The recent Kickstarter from Japanime Games offered both the Multimen and Kerub as part of their product lunch. That's how we are getting them.

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Oh correct me if I'm wrong but to get the Multimen figures you need to pay $45 for the basic package plus +$45 more for the Multiman addon to get them right?

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I have been trying to find with activity for Krosmaster and there is virtually none including this site. If you guys need a diligent person for the forums let me know.

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Will the Google + page or this forum show upcoming news about the physical game? Such as an expansion or a new game entirely. All I can think of is too search kick starter. Is there a stay in touch way or a blog maybe? I have been searching forever.

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Google + 페이지 또는 포럼에 실제 게임에 대한 다가오는 뉴스가 표시됩니까? 확장이나 새로운 게임과 같은 것. 내가 생각할 수있는 것은 모두 검색 킥 스타터입니다. 연락 방법이나 블로그에 머물 수 있습니까? 나는 영원히 수색했다.

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DeWitt,   So now that you are the official us community relations, does this mean you are privey to and can share more infomation with us?

If so....first question:

We're in a bit of an informational black hole here, or at least we have been.  Can you let us know if progress is now being made on updating the  on-line version in regards to:  The new DR's, the new figures (I have physical season 4 figures now that aren't yet in the on-line version.   In the past the on-line version appeared a bit before we were able to get our hands on the US physical figures.)   And the new play modes:    Eternal and "Current sets".   And does this mean that those will be the only two modes available?    Will the "Open" format we have now be going away?

If you can give us time projections that would be wonderful.  But I understand if you can't sometimes companies don't like being under time pressure.   But just knowing that it's being worked on would be nice.   We currently don't know if things are progressing or if the developers are still committed to other projects.

Thanks, and good luck with the new position.   Good to have someone responsive on the US side of things.

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This is actually a post from 2013 that someone resurrected for some random reason.

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