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Thoughts about this game?

By NaoMeArrependoDePorEsseNome December 14, 2012, 02:53:42

I mean.. really? How could ankama even release this monstrosity?
Wasnt this supposed to be a strategical game or something of the sort. krosmaster arena is based ENTIRELY on luck, a complete brainless retard with a badly thought team can win EASILY just rolling the die and getting criticals.

I'm getting too fucking tired of losing because when the adversary attacks he can get 9/10 criticals in one turn and when I attack there are no criticals and he even defends 50% of the time.

Dofus arena was bad enough having those "% chance of escaping" and depending too much on luck. this is EVEN WORSE.

And what the hell is wrong with Mah Kumba? That sadida is lvl 4, has 7 ap, criticals can heal itself 3 hp for 2 pa every turn and its summons deal +- 4 damage, you must be blind to see its not overpowered.

Krosmaster was a great idea, and again Ankama fails miserably because it cant fucking develop a good game

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I disagree with your sentiment, Krosmaster certainly has some luck element, but it is not so overarching that a player with strategical expertise can not rise to the top.

Games like : settlers of catan or Risk also use dice and the top players will outperform your average protagonists all the time.

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Use figurines that dont rely on luck so much. Play clever. Use the field/trees/crates to your advantage.

Ever played Pokemon Trading Card Game? Beginners would always cry about luck since almost
all attacks or trainer cards are based on the "flip a coin" rule, so 50% chance of having a good effect.

The more experienced players know to reduce their luck dependance as much as possible.

Try it. Think ahead. What would my opponent do when I move there? Practice makes the master.

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I agree with you on that sadida,that is overpower for its level,i mean,Jems Blond is lvl 4 and is probably as good as the original cra which is lvl 3.
On the rest you are absolutely wrong,every game is about luck. On dofus there are the critical strikes and the failure ones,they come from your good or bad luck,nevertheless,you can easily reach the top without needing luck...

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It's annoying when your opponent rolls crits nearly all the time but the game itself isn't a bad game.
If you're having problems I say start playing chess then come back because both games are basically the same.

You position your figures as you would your chess pieces and then proceed to out think your opponent
adjusting your strategy as the situation calls for. When making your team be sure to give yourself options if your main attacker should fall so you can easily readjust your strategy.

Yes a little luck is involved but luck is not the deciding factor on wins and loses. Your ability to think like your opponent is things like where will they move or what their strategy is based on the figures they have on their team.

Winning relies more on your ability to out think your opponent more than luck. Luck requires little thought which in turn makes for an opponent who makes mistakes when that luck is not present in their next match. Learn to watch for this study your opponents moves look for the pattern that every player has and when you find it then dissect it and seek out it's weaknesses then plan to take advantage of them.

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