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General Discussion

Let's talk about Krosmaster in general!
  • Krosmaster Figuines: Mutli Language cards 8 hours ago
  • I just want to know when you can update krosmaster???????? 11 hours ago
  • OVA Pack: the Antagonists yesterday

Tactics and Teams

Show us your best teams and your dirtiest tricks here!
  • [ANALYSIS]: Yugo - Young King 2 days ago
  • [ANALYSIS]: Doo Rex 2 weeks ago
  • How do you deal with bad luck? 2 weeks ago

Rules questions

Unsure about a specific rule of the game? Ask here!
  • TO DEWIT - Dodge And Lock one week ago
  • Grugaloragran: How does it work in these situations? 2 weeks ago
  • Limited Ed. board rules 3 weeks ago

Fan corner

This space is dedicated to you and you only! Show us your best customization, your home-made board, your blogs, your podcasts, your videos,...
  • Kros Examination one week ago
  • Map 3D one week ago
  • House Rule: the Time Warp Cyclones 3 months ago
Krosmaster online Recent messages Topics

Online logbook

Updates, servers and news, keep yourself informed about the online game!
  • Server maintenance on December 30th last month
  • Patch note 0.123 2 months ago
  • Server maintenance on October 16th 4 months ago

Online discussion

Well, any discussion on this forum is obviously online... But let's talk about the online game in particular.
  • Brand new Dark Heroes set with used code? 2 days ago
  • Can we expect any kind of update sometime in the next three months? 4 weeks ago
  • How do I skip the tutorial? last month

Bugs and technical difficulties

Keep us informed about the bugs and technical difficulties you may encounter during your gameplay.
  • Can I run the krosmaster on surface pro 3 with window 10 system? 12 hours ago
  • Can't launch Krosmaster on Arch Linux. one week ago
  • Rule Difference 2 weeks ago
Tabletop game Recent messages Topics

Organized play news

If there's any change or announcement about organized play, you will find it here.
  • New Organized Play season 4 days ago
  • Follow the World Championship live! 7 months ago
  • World Championship: everything you need to know 7 months ago

QT and international tournaments

[International section] You will find here all about QT and National Championship from all over the world.

Player Finder

You want to meet new players in your local area? Watch over here!
  • Uk players one week ago
  • Boise Idaho - Looking for players one week ago
  • Washington DC Area 6 months ago


Find here if there's any tournaments or player events near you that you could join!
  • Krosmaster Qualifying Tournament Rules 9 months ago
  • Tournaments Russia and Organized play 11 months ago
  • US may never see Worlds play again last year

Figurines trade (IRL)

You're missing this one figurine to complete your collection? Just ask for it here!
  • Season 3 Figures 3 days ago
  • Looking for terrains and tokens 6 days ago
  • del 2 weeks ago