Following the technical difficulties suffered between August 13th and 15th, a compensation will be offered to all players of Krosmaster Arena online. Instructions to follow in this news.
What do Ankama employees speak about outside of work? Well, they talk about video games of course! And just sometimes they come up with a new idea or a new project. This is more or less how Tactile Wars came into existence. If you like playing and exploring in other games apart from your MMO, keep on reading...
The very first Krosmaster Quest box gets its own unboxing video by the hands of [Dewit]! 
Online game New account management! Info - August 05, 2015
The new account management system is simpler, prettier, more efficient, and already here!
Beta 0.109: Recycling August 04, 2015 - [Dewit]
Discover the changes applied in the 0.109 beta patch! 
This new system will make it easier for you to complete your collection, by destroying your extra figurines and make new ones with the remaining pieces!
After three years and nearly a million players, the first online version of Krosmaster Arena has earned its place...and a well-deserved retirement! The old version will be taking its final bows in order to leave the stage to the new 3D version (currently in beta).
A change in the current rules of Krosmaster Arena will soon be enacted. It’s about teams, numbers, and the interaction between those two…