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Zwei neue Arenen, neue Dekorelemente, massenweise Kamas und auch Loren: die Eroberung des Krosmoz geht in den Mianix-Dianix-Minen weiter! Aber aufgepasst: unter Tage ändern sich die Spielregeln! Ab heute im Ankama-Shop!
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We declare the Skratchmaster contest open! For the next two months, send us picture of your custom-made diorama using Krosmaster figurines, and try to gain some amazing prizes. You can also vote for your favorite creation, and allow them to gain even more prizes! 
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It’s time for some changes around here! We have a brand new homepage, a newsfeed, and we reorganized the tabs a little. Come and see what has changed! 
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The “Ankama Convention” land of ultimate fan of Ankama, is making its come back May 2nd 2014 in Lille, France! 3 days of madness with 2 unforgettable evenings, get ready for a moment in history!
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For its annual ranking, BoardGameGeek nominated the expansion Frigost of Krosmaster Arena in three categories: "Expansion", "Family & Children Games" and "Fantasy Games." Help us vote and make Krosmaster Arena one of the "20 Most Anticipated Board Games of 2014"!
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